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Healthy Living Monday

Welcome to all the new pledges and good luck to all the Mamavation Mom’s that are applying.

Well this week has been something. I enjoyed 2 ays off work. Got lots of cleaning done, although you can’t tell now, and got lots of errands run that needed to be.  I wish I could work part time and still make the money that I do. Oh a girl can dream.

This week weight wise has just been okay. The scale is still evil to me but I at least maintained. I have been searching for a good iPhone app for nutrition that doesn’t require internet (I have the iTouch) I found a couple but if anyone can recommend anything please let me know. I did manage to get to the gym a few times despite lack of sleep from my 2yo. One thing I didn’t do great on was my water! Doh (sorry Kim).  So I managed so do somewhat okay on food and exercise but still room for improvement. New week right?!?

Goals for this week:

  • Log food
  • Water
  • Gym 3 times (I know it’s possible)

Can I tell you how excited I am about the Earth Footwear giveaway? I have drooled over a pair of these FOREVER now. Let me tell you about the pair of shoes I am wearing.  They are at least 8-9 months old. I am not an “untier” when it comes to putting my shoes on. I just slip the foot in, wiggle it around until it goes in. So if you didn’t know there is like a plastic piece that goes around the back of the shoe.  How do I know this? Well mine is sticking out and rubbing against the back of my foot. Now I have to be picky about shoes becasue I wear inserts for my feet that were custom made because I have plantar fasciitis so bad in both feet.  So when I go shoe shopping I have to get a really excellent quality show, which as you know, isn’t cheap. So I am so excited to try to win a pair of Earth Footwear for that reason.

To purchase your Earth Footwear click here. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and see you Monday night!!

Karla Urwitz
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22 thoughts on “Healthy Living Monday

  1. Keep on pushing! The scales are evil when used alone so I encourage you to measure inches as well. It’s been helpful for me on my journey anyway. Kiddos have a way of changing our plans for us, don’t they? I hope that goes better this week and you’re able to get more sleep and hit the gym a little more. You’re doing great regardless!
    .-= Angela @angelasue79´s last blog ..Mamavation Monday =-.

  2. Hey girl! Here are some of my favorite free apps:

    squeezeitin: exercises you can do while doing housework
    chunterlite: helps with restaurant chains & what to eat
    sparkpeople, wwmobile have been recommended to me for tracking food.

    Hope that helps! XXOO
    .-= Leah @Bookieboo´s last blog ..Katie Loses 17.5 Inches with Mamavation =-.

  3. Great job gilr! You’re doing fantastic! I use Loseit to track calories and exercise on my iPod touch.
    .-= Janice – The Fitness Cheerleader´s last blog ..Motivation Monday – March 29, 2010 =-.

  4. It’s a new week, so drink up! (borrowed the line from Kim) Anyway, great job on lots of cleaning done. I think of cleaning as workout. Keep it up with your workouts and healthy eating! — @ImAHotMom
    .-= Fitness Family´s last blog ..Fitness Family 2010 – Week 13 For Mamavation Monday =-.

  5. You’re doing great! You’ve got simple decisive goals for the week. I have been having a war with my scale too. I am tempted to toss it out a window. I keep reminding myself to not live by what the scale says, but by how I feel. It’s impossibly hard though. lol

    I’ve used several apps on my iTouch, and most of them use the internet. If you find a good one that doesn’t require internet to track, let me know.
    Good luck this week!

  6. I think cleaning can be a workout too! When I scrubbed my walls I got a great arm workout! I am excited for the earth footwear giveaway too! Keep up the good work!

  7. I also use Loseit and love it! I also really am enjoying my Earth Footwear shoes! They make you feel like you’ve been running after just walking! Good luck this week! It’s week 3 for me 🙂
    .-= Judy´s last blog ..Current Product Review and Giveaways =-.

  8. Hi there, First time over to give you some support. Keep up the good work and the Earth footwear do look awesome!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday =-.

  9. Could you take a picture of your food? I know SparkPeople has a feature where you can send your pictures. I’m not sure if it requires internet or just normal picture-sending capabilities. Can you tell I know nothing about this???

    Keep it simple, Karla. You’re doing a GREAT job!
    .-= Heather @ Not a DIY Life´s last blog ..Mamavation Week #13 =-.

  10. Great work on a successful week. You accomplished a lot while having a 2 yr old to contend with as well! Hope this coming week is just as great for you. I have an itouch too and am looking for a great app – if I find one I’ll be sure to share it with you.
    .-= Krista S.´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday – March 28 – April 2 =-.

  11. Karla, you and I were opposites this week! I did great with water, bad with exercise! =) I know it’s frustrating to see that the scale doesn’t budge sometimes. But hang in there and keep up the good habits. It WILL budge. But sista, you ARE NOT winning those Earth Footwear shoes. They’re MINE! =) hahhha

  12. I had a hard water week too but that’s where my focus is this week. Doesn’t it make a huge difference! We can do this!
    .-= Brittney @beentheremom´s last blog ..Yummy chard lunch omelet =-.

  13. It’s hard to get workouts in when you’re sleep deprived so good job on the few times you got to the gym!

    I hope you win some Earth Footwear! I want a pair also! 🙂

    Thanks for all the motivating and help you give me! I think you’re awesome!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Mamavation Monday =-.

  14. I hear you on the sleep. It is so hard to function without it, and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been neither sleeping nor functioning.

    I hope you start to get some rest, and that the scale is better to BOTH of us.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Bravado Designs Nursing Tank Review and GIVEAWAY! =-.

  15. You won the giveaway right? …very jealous here!

    Good luck finding those apps and getting to the gym!
    .-= colleen´s last blog ..tarte sale – multiplEYE mascara giveaway =-.

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