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Happy Healthy Monday

Well I only managed to gain .6 over Thanksgiving. I am so estatic over that. We got new bedroom furniture over the weekend and when we put things back in drawers I made hubby go through his clothes and get rid of what he didn’t want. He made this comment to me “It’s not a matter of what I don’t wear it’s what I CANT wear” When we got married almost 12 years ago hubby was a size 29. He is now between a 38-40. Used to wear a size small shirt and now a large. He finally has realized that he needs to lose weight. In a way I am thankful because now he knows how I feel and two he won’t keep bad stuff in the house.

So my goal for this week is to make sure I take my lunch at least 3 times this week. I bought sutff at the store today so no excuses. My knee has been bothering me so I haven’t exercised as much as I would have liked but I am doing the Wii when I can. 

In the past week we have managed to spend $800 on our cars. First hubby’s car and then mine. I pray that this is the only time they will see the shop. 

I have been in the Christmas spirit now that all the Christmas movies are on tv. I record all the new and try to catch all the good ones. If you have the Hallmark Channel you really check out my post on The TV Nook about Farwell Mr. Kringle. Great holiday movie.

Have a good week and enjoy the recipe.


French Toast with Creamy Maple Syrup

Breakfast for Dinner
Serving breakfast for dinner is an easy way to bring a little fun to a typical weeknight.

Golden French toast slices drizzled with creamy maple syrup make this dish a favorite with kids. Serve sausage links and fresh orange wedges on the side and watch breakfast disappear!

Estimated Times

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 12 mins

Servings: 6 servings


3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk
1/3 cup maple-flavored pancake syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons butter
6 large eggs
1 cup NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 tablespoons butter, divided
12 slices whole-wheat or white bread, divided


sugar, 1/2 cup evaporated milk, syrup and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract in small saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat; stir in 2 tablespoons butter. Makes 1 1/2 cups.

together eggs, remaining 1 cup evaporated milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon in medium bowl.

MELT 1 tablespoon butter in large, nonstick skillet over medium heat. Dip 4 slices bread in milk mixture and then place in skillet. Cook about 2 minutes per side or until golden. Repeat 2 more times with with 2 tablespoons butter and remaining bread. Keep warm in oven. Serve with warm Creamy Maple Syrup. Refrigerate any leftover syrup for another use.

TIP: One 12 fl. oz. can of NESTLÉ® CARNATION® is all the evaporated milk you will need for this recipe.

Calories: 420 Calories from Fat: 160 Total Fat: 18 g
Saturated Fat: 9 g Cholesterol: 245 mg Sodium: 360 mg
Carbohydrates: 46 g Dietary Fiber: 4 g Sugars: 25 g
Protein: 16 g

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6 thoughts on “Happy Healthy Monday

  1. I started watching Farewell Mr. Kringle last night – it’s DVR’d so I can finish it – but don’t you LOVE the Hallmark channel!!!

    It’s amazing to me how much of a difference it can make when our spouses jump on the wagon with us. Hubby told me though that he wanted me to have a head start because he always loses weight so much faster than me LOL! I’m glad you both have each other for support!

    Good luck this week!
    Shelley (@momma_oz)´s last blog post ..Mamavation Monday – 12-6-2010

  2. My husband was about the same size as yours 10 years ago. He also just made the comment he needs to work on it. I think it is funny to see him try to squeeze into the shirts he used to wear and then realize he has let himself go as much as I have.
    Good luck with mending so you can work out more and taking your lunch with you.
    Megan @MNMSpecial´s last blog post ..Mamavation Monday

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