Enjoy Life Foods Plentils Review- It’s The Healthy Chip

enjoy life gluten free chipsMy name is Karla and I love snack foods. I have a real problem with snack food especially chips and dip. I love when a new type of chip comes out I get giddy like a school girl. When I was contacted by Enjoy Life Foods to try their new Plentil chips I jumped at the chance. A healthier chip was about to enter my world.

First I want to say sorry to Alaina at Enjoy Life Foods for this review taking so long. I knew I was having Easter at my house so I saved some of the chips for the party to get other point of views.

Enjoy Life Foods Who?

Well Enjoy Life Foods brings heathly good tasting foods into your life. Started in 2001 their mission was to make tasty gluten free and allergy friendly foods. Scott Mandell went from banker to baker and stated his first bakery in Chicago, IL. The company took the unusual approach of investing in a special facility so that people with food intolerances and celiac disease would know that all Enjoy Life products were made in the safest environment possible. In 5 years they grew so much they moved to a building twice as big as the bakery. Today they on the Forbes list of one of the fastest growing private companies in the Untied States. 

Plentil Chips

These chips are make from lentils. Which is a proven to be the best plant based protein out there. Enjoy Life Foods took advantage of this all nature protein, put it in chip form, and then punched it with tons of flavor.  There are four flavors to choose from, light Sea Salt, Dill & Sour Cream, Garlic & Parmesan, and Margherita Pizza. 

My Thoughts

I have been honored to try many of the products from Enjoy Life Foods and none of them have disappointed me. These were no different.  I can see these chips being a sold staple in my pantry. 

The first bag I tried was the margherita pizza flavor. These were full of the pizza flavor without the guilt. These were my son's favorite chips. Which was fantastic because they are healthier for him.

Light Sea Salt was next and I have to say was my least favorite. They were still great to eat and had flavor I just would have liked more salt but again, the bag did say light! With that being said, remember I salt my HAM, so what may be too light for me might be just right for you.

At my Easter party I saved the dill & sour cream and the garlic and parmesan for my family to try. Now my family is very picky and anything unusual and with the words "gluten free" on it they will turn their nose and run. So I just left the bags on the counter and before long my Mom was asking what they were. So I told her to just try it. She first tried the dill & sour cream and was amazed at how good they were. Of course my brother wanted nothing to do with this odd looking food item. HA  My sister in law tried them and thought they were great too. Then my husband must have liked them because later that night he ate the rest of the bag. So I guess he liked them.

The next day my Mom was over again, we did our Easter on Saturday, and asked where the chips were. I told her hubby ate them but the garlic and parmesan was out there and ever do yummy. Garlic doesn't really agree with her so she was hesitant but tried one. The garlic was not overpowering but just enough to taste it. These were by far my favorite chip.

Keep in mind healthy chips do NOT have to taste bad. Enjoy Life Foods has by far proven that point and keeps on going.

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