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5 Tips to Fight Your Daily Hunger

The urge to snack repeatedly throughout the day is strong. Repeatedly consuming foods with empty calories and foods that are high in fat can lead to hypertension, high blood pressure, and weight gain. Unfortunately, people are often too busy to prepare a healthy snack, and hunger can negatively impact the ability to focus at work or school. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent hunger that do not involve health problems and weight gain.

Drink Water

Drinking water has numerous benefits. A stomach full of water helps keep the stomach feeling full. It also helps dilute stomach acids that can worsen stomach pain. Drinking water can also help keep one's digestive system operating smoothly. Water can also help an individual feel slightly rejuvenated and less focused on his or her hunger.

Avoid Simple Carbohydrates

Humans quickly digest simple carbohydrates. Sugary foods cause blood sugar levels to increase, thus stimulating insulin production. This stimulates hunger. One or two snacks can lead to further snacking, which does nothing for hunger and causes the individual to intake additional fat. Carbohydrates that are more complex do not have this problem.

Consume Meals High in Fiber

Foods high in fiber take longer to break down than most carbohydrates. Foods with a high fiber content can sit in one's stomach and provide a feeling of being full. High-fiber foods include foods like uncooked vegetables and whole grains. Eating breakfast is important for this reason; most breakfasts involve cereal. Whole-grain cereal can provide enough fiber to keep away any sensations of hunger until lunch.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Increasing your protein intake can help make an individual less hungry. Protein stays in the body much longer than sugar. Eggs and meat are rich in protein and can stay in your system, but these foods often have high cholesterol and fat. Some of the best protein shakes can offer high protein content without the cholesterol issues.

Eat Regularly

Eating regularly includes eating meals at around the same time, not skipping meals, and eating roughly the same quantities per meal. Individuals who eat irregularly or skip meals often find that they will experience inconsistent hunger levels throughout the day. They will be hungry for some of the day and stuffed during other parts of the day, as they attempt to compensate for the missed meal. By eating foods high in protein and fiber regularly, individuals will possess a more level quantity of food in their stomachs that is neither excessive nor hunger inducing. This will prevent sporadic hunger pains that often arise from missed meals.

Using these tips, you can help fight your hunger and eliminate your need to snack. If all else fails and the urge to snack becomes overwhelming, snack on a food that will have no negative health effects. Eating a stalk of celery can actually burn more calories than it provides. Avoid dip, salad dressing, croutons, and other extraneous foods.


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  1. This is GREAT advice and every single one of these tips are extremely true and helpful. Drinking water after every couple of bites makes you feel full faster and snacking on junk food is a major trigger to eating more and more junk food. If I have one cookie, I'm more likely to eat badly the rest of the day so I just won't eat a cookie. That's not to say you shouldn't enjoy yourself, anything is okay in moderation. I'm currently struggling with this as I have a binging problem! 

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