Emerson Creek Pottery Brie Baker Review #Giveaway

Do you remember the old fashion dishes you ate off of at your Grandma's? I remember my Grandmas has these pretty glass red dishes. They were so beautiful and I was blessed to get them in memory of her when she passed. I was thrilled to find Emerson Creek Pottery. Looking at their dishes they remind me of study old fashion dishes. Some dishes these days don't see to have the best quality.

Who Are They?

Emerson Creek Pottery is made right here in the USA. Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Emerson Creek Pottery,  has been making these handmade pottery dishes since 1977. Their pottery is formed of clay made onsite. Each piece is hand made, hand painted and fired in a gas kiln. Each pattern is a series of carefully planned strokes. No templates or stencils are used. The patterns are practiced and committed to memory.

They have a wide range of pottery items. They have you covered from baby dishes to pet dishes. That is one loved pet to have this fine made pottery dish.

My Review

I was thrilled to get a brie baker to review. Anyone who has read this blog knows I am no cook. This dish was abolutely beautiful. A beautiful blue and purple iris shine at the bottom of this brie baker. You can tell this piece was handmake with great talent. It's was heavy and old fashion looking. I just loved it. It came with a brie recipe so I attempted, again no cook here, and well it didn't turn out I don't think. I think I put too much brie. Is it suppose to melt?!?

Anyway, to the right is how it turned out. Looks really great but I don't think I am much of a apple and cheese gal. I think the next thing I make might be a small apple pir or a sheppards pie. I would love to get a couple more and I would really love to save up for their tableware. Their dishes look great! Oh have I mentioned they are lead free?

The Giveaway

Emerson Creek Pottery is giving one lucky reader their very own Brie Baker, pattern of choice. Giveaway ends July 3rd. US Residents only. Good Luck ***Please remember to do the mandtory entry or all your entires will be voided. I DO check the winners entry and make sure the mandatory one was completed***


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