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How I Made My Home Green and Energy Efficient

A few years ago, I noticed that my utility bills had been rising steadily. I decided to make energy efficient changes in my home that would help my pocket book and the environment. I began slowly and with green products that were easy for me to obtain and install. Therefore, I purchased compact fluorescent energy-saving light bulbs. I discovered that energy efficient bulbs use ¾ less electricity than regular bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs may even last for seven years.


The new bulbs did cost more to purchase than a box of regular bulbs, but they’ve reduced my electric bill. After the light bulb switch, I was inspired to expand the greenness of my home and added a low-flow shower head. When I first used my shower after installing the reduced flow shower head, I considered placing my old shower head back on as I missed the extra water force. However, I decided to wait since I had gone to the trouble of installing them, and after about a week, I became used to the new shower heads. I was delighted that I had stuck it out after receiving my water bill two months later.

Power Strips for Easy Unplugging

The next green step I chose for my home was purchasing several power strips. With the strips in place, I plugged in all of my electronics externally where I could reach them. The power strips allowed me to unplug everything when I was finished using it and again I saw a decrease in my electric bill.

After falling into a routine of unplugging all of my electronics, I really got into the spirit of switching my home into a green, energy-efficient space and added a few new windows. I had the funds since my utility bills had majorly decreased, and with more windows, I could use the sun’s light longer instead of turning on my home’s lighting.

Heating and Cooling

I also began switching the way I heated and cooled my home. When winter came last year, I decreased the temperature in my home by two degrees lower than where I had it set the year before and began using blankets and sweatshirts to stay warm. For the summer, I intend to do the same and will be keeping my thermostat two degrees higher. I installed a programmable thermostat and have it set to a lower temperature when I go to bed.


I purchased a new refrigerator last year and made sure that the one I purchased was energy star rated. The next dishwasher I buy will have this rating as well. You can really save a lot of energy with energy saving appliances.

Home and Garden

I also reviewed my landscaping to see where I could improve my home’s energy savings and decided to plant a few more trees on the sunny side of my house. As the trees grow, they’ll cool my home naturally and give me a nice shady place to read during the spring and summer months.

I’m currently saving up for solar panels. They are expensive, but once I have them installed, my home can gain all of its required electricity from the sun. I feel as though I’m doing my part in helping the environment, and I know my kids will someday thank me for considering their future.

Brenda Panin is a marketing coordinator from Brisbane, Australia. She is representing Australian company specialized in asbestos removal.


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  1. We added a attic fan & installed fans in the house so we don't have to run the air unless it gets extremely over heated in the house! Visiting from the Alexa hop hope you can drop by again too! 😉 

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