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EatSmart Food Scale

Being on a diet just, well, sucks sometimes. It’s exhausting really but one thing that can help make it a bit easier is a good food scale. No matter what lifestyle change you are going through food wise, portion control is key. You would be surprised at how little a serving something is compared to what your “think” it should be.


About EatSmart

Founded in 2005, EatSmart is devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing innovative health care products to meet the needs of our customers. Every product that EatSmart manufactures carries our 100% EatSmart Satisfaction Guarantee, which is their pledge to you. Not only do they make great products, they give back to the community.

” Every month we make a donation to a different charity from the sales of our products. As we continue to grow, EatSmart will be contributing to local community events which support healthy, active lifestyles”

I love companies that give back to the community. Makes choosing a company so much easier.

EatSmart Precision Digital Kitchen Scale

I had the opportunity to review this food scale. It was perfect timing as I had just thrown my other one out and was researching which kind to get next. What I like about this scale is that it’s small, easy big digital display, and easy to clean off.

I have used other EatSmart products. I still use their bathroom scale from 2011. I feel their products are very reliable and stand up to the test of time. I know my bathroom scale has moved twice and lasted 6 years!


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