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Building on Bath Time: Tips to Teach Your Kids Good Hygiene

Building on Bath Time Tips to Teach Your Kids Good HygieneTeaching your child the importance of good hygiene is imperative to their health and well-being. It’s essential to teach good hygiene habits when kids are little, because it’s easier to start good habits than break bad ones. Good hygiene habits formed at a young age will last a lifetime.

Cleanliness is Important

Most three-year-olds are primarily concerned with having fun, not cleanliness. Therefore they don’t like to stop what they’re doing to bathe, or wash their hands. However, if they know why they need to wash their hands or take a bath, they’re more likely to willingly do so. Help your child understand the importance of using soap and water by teaching him about germs. Tell them germs jump on their skin when they play, and water and soap are the only ways to get them to leave. Explain that it’s important to wash germs away because germs can make them feel sick.

Brushing Teeth

Explain that germs also get onto teeth. These bad germs like to play on teeth and make them dirty. They can even put holes, called cavities, in his teeth. Luckily, it’s easy to get these germs to go away. Teach your child that brushing his teeth in the morning and at night will make tooth germs disappear. To get teeth extra clean, have them floss. Explain that germs also like to get between teeth, and flossing gets rid of them.

Visiting the Dentist

Teach your kids that visiting the dentist twice a year is another way to get rid of germs, and have good hygiene. While some kids get nervous at the dentist, but pediatric dentists, or a Southside Pleasanton Road family dental care center in San Antonio will specialize in helping their young patients feel comfortable. A pediatric dentist one will not only clean your child’s teeth, but distract him during cleanings with stories, DVD’s or music. A good dentist will also teach their patients about good oral hygiene in ways children can understand.

Make a Regular Bath time

Have a regular schedule for taking baths. As kids grow up, teach them the important places to clean, and why they should take time to bath and smell better. Girls and boys should be able to wash their own hair, and understand how to rinse it out thoroughly.

Good hygiene is important in many aspects of your child’s life. Most importantly, it helps children stay healthy, but its benefits extend far beyond good health. Good hygiene habits will also help your child socially, especially as they get older. Other kids notice if a child’s teeth are yellow, breath smells bad, or hair is dirty. That’s why teaching your child good hygiene habits now is one of the best things you can do for them.

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