Family Vacations

It is good family bonding when you can take family vacations and it would surely open you children’s eyes to a lot more of new knowledge and discovery. When you bring along your kids in your trips, this is not only a way of bringing them close to your heart but also through this, your child would definitely make him or her more aware about the world around him or her.

Well, when kids are with you, you need to be more prepared because, as we all know, they have special needs and we have to respond to such needs. I have come up with, what I think, is an essential list of thing that you may need for your entire family vacation.

Some essential items for your trip:

  • Band-Aids
  • antiseptic hand gel
  • small tissue packs
  • sun screen
  • Dr.’s phone numbers
  • Tylenol – children’s & adults
  • Small plug in nightlight – to help find the bathroom in the middle of the night

Here are some safety items to consider bringing:

    Safety Tattoo- It is a peel and stick tattoo that has your phone number to call if your child wanders off.
    It might be a good idea, if you have smaller kids, to get a walking tether to keep your child close.
    Keep a photo of your child in your wallet – in case you loose them in a crowed area
    extra copy of birth certificates, photo id, travel reservations, airline tickets

Here are some things consider for the actual trip to/from your destination:

    Mechanical pencils
    Paper/Crayon Books
    Deck of cards/Card Games
    Hand held video games

Here are some handy thing to have while out sight seeing:

    Light weight jacket
    Digital Camera
    Resuable sippy cups/water bottles

It is also a good idea to have an itinerary ready as to what activities you want to do. It saves on stress. It is best to be prepared ahead of time so buy a planner and jot down your ideas.  You don’t want anything to interrupt your family bonding time. You want to keep your attitude healthy and have a worry free vacation.

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