5 Cheap and Easy Family Vacation Ideas

The weather is heating up which means summer vacation will be in full swing soon. Many families are pinching pennies these days but it’s always nice to get away from the daily grind for even a few days. Summer Vacation

The following vacation tips will give you some ideas for fun family trips that won’t break the bank. 

1) Swap it! 

House swapping started in the 1950s as a way for people to find low-cost vacation accommodation. This method of swapping homes for a temporary basis rose to prominence in the 1970s and the internet has made it even easier for you to find a family to trade homes with for a week or two. Not only will your kids get to see a new city but they’ll also get to live in a new home and see how other people live.  

 2) Get outdoors 

As far as vacations go, camping is pretty affordable – especially if you already have the tents, sleeping bags, and cooking supplies that you need. In many areas you can even find free places to camp but you might need to show up midweek to get a camping spot because the weekends can be quiet busy. Even if you have to pay for a spot, most federal campsites offer pretty affordable accommodation and nothing is nicer than stargazing, campfires, and spending some time with your family in the great outdoors.

 3) Visit the in-laws 

I know; this might not be an option for everyone! For those of us lucky enough to have great relatives, you might consider going to visit them this summer instead of springing for a hotel somewhere. Relatives can give you an authentic tour of their hometowns, they know where to find great restaurants, and they’ll be able to point you in the direction of grocery stores and other places that can save you lots of money. Your kids will get to know your family too… for better or worse.

4) Find killer deals online

 You can find some extraordinary deals online for airfare and hotel accommodation. The key is to either book far in advance or to find a last minute discounted flight that hasn’t filled up yet. Do your research here. Prices for flights and hotels can vary greatly on different websites so find some good travel forums and blogs and see what other consumers are saying about finding the cheapest flights. The deals are out there… you just have to find them. 

5) Get to know your hometown

 You know all those places that out-of-towners go and take photos of when they visit your hometown? Yeah, those are the same places that you’ve neglected to visit despite living 20 minutes away for the last 20 years. It’s time to see that museum you drive past on the way to work everyday and that hiking trail that your cousin raved about on his last visit. Your kids will learn about local history and get to enjoy the city they live in for all it has to offer. 

Get in the mindset of a tourist and you’ll be amazed at all the great things going on in your own town.

This is guest post from Donald Farber. He writes about families and life insurance for

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