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After-School Baking Projects To Get Into With The Kids

Teaching your family how to cook is one of the best and most underrated lessons you can provide for them. So many people grow up not knowing how to cook and it can them a lot longer to learn as an adult compared to picking up when they’re kids. Here, we’re going to look at a few different baking activities that can help teach your kid the basics of baking, many of which will apply just as much to their cooking skills.

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Gingerbread goodness

This is the season, so why not start off with some seasonal goodness? Gingerbread men are a staple in many a home, not just because gingerbread itself is delicious, but because it can really be fun to decorate those little guys with gumdrop buttons, icing details, and more. You can get a little more creative, of course, it doesn’t just have to be in the shape of a man, as shown by these gingerbread teddy bears that should take no longer than 50 minutes to prepare from start to cooling.

Beautiful brownies

When it comes to the truly sumptuous and moreish, there are few things tastier than some home-baked brownies that are just out of the oven. Crumbly, gooey, and oh-so-chocolate, the smell will be enough to get your kids excited to get stuck in. What’s more, it’s relatively easy to make your own brownie mix at home and it involves all of the fun and messy stirring up in a bowl, which a lot of kids tend to love. There are plenty of brownie recipes to follow online and it can be a great idea to serve with a little bit of ice cream to make for the perfect dessert.

Creamy cupcakes

If you have a younger child or you have multiple children that you’re looking to feed, there are few desserts more convenient than a tray of cupcakes. Whether you make your own mix or take the shortcut of buying cupcake mix at the grocery store, it doesn’t matter so much, these are a great way to introduce children to the basics of baking and you can show them how to make delicious buttercream frosting to go on top of it. As for the decorations, you can buy a few options like rainbow sprinkles and chocolate buttons to let them go wild and express their creativity.

Classic cookies

Are there any treats more classic than a homemade chocolate chip cookie? One of the best things about cookies is that there’s a lot of room for individualization of them, whether you prefer them a little crunchier, a little softer, or otherwise. Teaching your child a chocolate chip cookie recipe is relatively easy, too. No one is going to blame you if you buy some chocolate chips that are ready to use directly from the store, either. Making your own chocolate could be another lesson for another day.

Aside from being a valuable lesson, baking with your kids is fun and it always ends in something delicious to reward your efforts.

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