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Baby Teeth Issues

Most of the teeth problems in babies are because of the bad habits that are developed in some of the babies. Mothers should play their role to help in diagnosing these issues earlier, for the proper and perfect treatment. 

In this short article we will discuss the two main baby teeth problems.

Decaying of Baby Bottle Teeth

A serious problem in babies is the decaying of baby teeth. It is studied that main cause of this problem is the constant presence of excessive sugar in the mouth of baby. The excess of sugar water, fresh juices or mother milk can be a reason. When a quantity of sugar is present, for the most of the time, in baby’s mouth, a special kind of bacteria is produced in the mouth. Due to the effect of these bacteria the tooth decay starts. 

To avoid this problem, make sure that there is no fluid in the mouth of baby when it he is not taking milk or food. Sometimes it becomes the habit of babies to take the milk bottle nipple in the mouth, most of the time. This may result in the retention of small quantity of milk and sugar in the mouth for most of the time, which can cause the tooth decay problem. Also you must avoid extra feeding of juices and other fluids.

Early Loss of Teeth: 

Children start losing their teeth, usually, after age of five years. In some children the teeth loss starts before this age and is called the pre-mature tooth loss. This problem is seen in toddlers and infants. The common reasons of this problem are the less space on jaw for teeth, some physical injury or decaying of teeth. This is very painful for babies and because of this pain their feeding and sleeping routines may be disturbed, too. Due to earlier teeth decay, the adult teeth may also be weak and tilted. There may also arise some joint problems when adult teeth are formed later. 

If your baby is facing this problem then you must consult your dentist, immediately.

 Usually space maintainer is placed on the empty space from where teeth were lost. This space maintainer is very important as it occupies the proper area on the jaw that is required for the formation of adult teeth. This will prevent the formation of weak and tilted adult teeth in your baby. 

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