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Helping Your Teen Learn How To Cook

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While it may seem that teenagers are rather mature and grown up in a lot of ways, they’re still kids. This is why it’s good to help them learn a few lessons that allow them to move into young adulthood with care, and becoming more independent in the best way. Assuming they can do all of this with no question is hardly a good way forward, and these teaching efforts can serve as a fantastic bonding session.

One of the best life lessons we could ever teach our children (outside of how to take care of themselves, be confident and kind, and to work hard) is how to cook and manage their kitchen. It’s pretty likely that they, too, need to eat, and like most of us, for the rest of their lives. This is a good lesson to have a firm foundation with then, especially in learning how to cook tasty, simple and cheap meals. This way, they will be less likely to struggle feeding themselves or getting a handle on their weight.

Where to start? Let’s discuss that below:

Lure Them In With Amazing Baked Goods

There’s a delicious homemade biscuits recipe at; and it absolutely showcases just how beautiful baked treats can bring anyone together. Your teen might not be interested in crating a casserole, learning how to filet a fish, or even how to plan for shopping deliveries – but you can bet they’ll be interested in baking with you. This is where you can start; and where you can show kitchen care, weighing ingredients, and making sure you follow healthy recipes. Then, you can enjoy your spoils after the gorgeous product comes out. Only the coldest teenager will fail to be inspired by this.

De-Emphasize The Organizational Effort

Kitchen organization is necessary, but for a teen, it might be too boring or chore-like. Inviting them to help make the dinner with you, showing you how you make it, and giving them tasks like chopping vegetables can serve as a substitute to washing everything up afterwards, which you might do for the first couple of cooking sessions. Then, when they build momentum, you might have them do that. Slowly introducing them into the craft is about showcasing the fun they have, and then how the responsibilities on top of that can only help the best approach come out.

Recipes & Twists They Can Be Proud Of

Teaching a family recipe, or the small changes you make to particular dishes, can help them learn your own kitchen lingo and logic. This might include how to make your best tomato sauce for bolognese. It might be showing them how to cook a recipe they’ve loved since childhood, like chili con carne, stews, or crafting homemade pizzas from freshly spun dough. In the long run, an effort like this not only personalizes the food, but helps you showcase a bit of your soul, contributing to the development of theirs in the best possible light.

With this advice, we hope you can help your teen learn to cook. Perhaps you’ll even have some fun doing so.

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