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3 Ways to Enjoy Fish (When You Don’t Like It!)

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Fish is certainly one of those dishes that comes with its fair share of detractors. Some people find it is an essential part of their home cooking, but others have a deep-rooted phobia of fish because it is, predominantly, too fishy. The flavor is certainly something that can throw people off, but there’s a lot of benefits to having fish in your diet, from the protein to the Omega-3 fatty acids, so if you feel like you need to start with the Mediterranean diet or want to enjoy the benefits of Omega-3 without wolfing down supplements, here’s a few ways to get started with fish when you would rather have something else completely!

Choose Your Fish Wisely

This is one of the most important ways to begin. If you feel that fish is just unpalatable, you might be choosing the wrong one. Crab is one of those fishes that is a good balance between flavor and goodness, and other fishes mild in flavor, like cod, provide a great starting point. The best thing to do is start slowly when it comes to introducing fish into your diet- don’t have a massive plate of fish to begin with but, instead, think about having it as a side dish. There’s amazing ways for you to incorporate it as a side dish but also make it more palatable, such as this Crab Rangoon recipe that contains quite a bit of cheese and mayonnaise, which are two strong flavors that disguise the crab meat.

Incorporate More Spices

Spices are an amazing way for you to experiment with fish in a way that suits you. Fish can be incredibly strong, which is why you have to begin with the right fish for you, but also look at the spices that can disguise the flavor. You can add a wide variety of Oriental spices, but you can also start with the basics. Lemon and pepper are an amazing way to flavor up any fish dish, or if you want to make it a bit more exciting, limes work wonders because they add flavor and are a great way to add spice.

Add Sauces 

Adding sauce is a great trick to make sure you or your children are going to enjoy the fish. For a lot of people, adding more competing flavors is essential, and if you are trying to get your kids into fish, disguising the fish flavor may be necessary at the outset! You could go for the good old-fashioned fish sticks with tomato sauce for dipping! And if you are concerned that your tomato sauce is full of vegetables, there are some amazing homemade tomato ketchup recipes out there on after that are made up of blitzed vegetables and still taste as good as the real thing!

Eating more fish when you don’t like it is certainly one of those things that can feel like a baptism of fire, but there’s more than one way to skin a fish! Fish provides a wide variety of health benefits and if you are looking for some simple ways to get started, these little methods can help you crack the cod!

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