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Keeping Your Teenager Safe in the Sun

It’s hard enough being a teenager and the added pressure to look a certain way is harder now than it has ever been. Like you, your teenage son or daughter probably can’t afford the designer clothes they seeFamily Bonding on their favourite celebrity any more than you can but they do have one thing you don’t; time. With that time they can ensure they can at least get the ‘healthy’ glow they see in all the glossy magazines and television, especially when they see you trying to catch a tan on holiday too.

For this reason it’s vital we teach our children how to take care of their skin and how to stay safe in the sun. It’s not easy getting your teenager to listen to you, and it’s even harder getting your teenage daughter to take your advice when it comes to fashion and appearance but what they learn from your now they’ll carry forward through the rest of their lives.

If your teenage daughter is reluctant to take skin care tips off you try and work on her level, simply presenting her with a bottle of sun cream probably isn’t going to work, but take her shopping and let her pick her own skin care products, maybe a tinted moisturiser that has sun protection built in will make her feel more grown up. If she’s adamant she wants a golden tan it may be easier to let her use a moisturiser with a built in fake tan, this will again make her feel more grown up and trusted and it’s safer than letting her spend too much time in the sun.

If your teenage boy isn’t too keen on smothering himself with sun cream again check the product you’re giving to him, if it’s your own cream and it smells of coconut and lavender there’s probably a good reason he won’t use it.

Make sure they don’t spend too much time out in the sun when it’s at its strongest which can be any time in between 10:00am and 4:00pm, even when it’s cloudy and overcast the UV rays can still penetrate through and damage their skin

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  1. Hi Karla,

    You have much wisdom I see in dealing with teens. You must have some of your own. 🙂 Great tips because their safety is extremely important. That’s something they don’t think about for themselves. That’s why they have parents. Thanks for sharing this information.
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