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3 Simple Ways To Alleviate Covid Anxiety

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In the current climate of lockdowns, global pandemics and rising infections, the world is a strange place. The surreal dystopian vision that we are now living through can heighten our anxieties. It’s only normal to worry about the health of your elderly parents, the contacts that your kids have at school, and your ability to remain sane while staying at home to save lives. Covid-19 induced anxiety can be challenging for families and individuals across the world. If you are eager to alleviate your mental anguish, you need to concentrate on the present rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. Take a look at these three simple ways to alleviate Covid anxiety.

Follow The Rules

While some of us don’t like the thought of our civil liberties diminishing, there is actually a comfort to be found in the newfound structure that is emerging into your life. You don’t have a choice but to stay at home, wash your hands, wear a face covering in essential shops, and remain socially distant. If you are ever tempted to break these rules, don’t. There’s a reason why you should be covering your face in the grocery store and this is to protect others as well as yourself. By following the rules and thinking of the positive collective impact the whole community is having, you can feel less anxious. 

Stay Safe

If you do have to venture out and about, to get food or to pick up medication, ensure that you stay safe. Look after yourself by being prepared. This means masking up and taking advantage of a top quality hand sanitizer like Zylast. This will ensure that you can kill all viruses on your hands including the novel coronavirus. At the same time, you need to consider the sort of face covering you will wear. Purchase a decent quality mask that has a triple filter system ensuring that virus particles are prevented from being breathed in. Keep your distance from others. Staying two meters apart can dramatically reduce your risk of contracting coronavirus. These rules are so simple but by following them, you can feel safer, thus reducing your anxiety.

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Do Something New

If you are stuck indoors, it can be all too easy to be bombarded with Covid stats day in, day out. You need to break free from this information and do something else with your time. Rolling news and social media can be anxious places to spend your time. Think about trying to see the advantages of being at home more. Take the chance to learn a musical instrument, dust off your recipe books and bake more, or consider signing up for an introductory Japanese lesson. Finding a new hobby can be exciting and relaxing. Finding this balance can really alleviate your anxieties and make you feel more positive about the current situation. 

If you are struggling during this pandemic because the light at the end of the tunnel looks so far away, don’t give up hope. Try out some of these strategies to help you be more positive, happy and content during these surreal days.

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