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Why Staying Out of the Sun is Important this Summer

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Basking in sunlight has many health benefits, such as vitamin D production and lowered depression. But staying out of the sun is equally important to limit your exposure to harm.

Increased Risk of Cell Damage

One of the main reasons to stay out of the sun is its damage to your skin cells. UV-A and UV-B radiation can severely damage your skin cells, causing irreparable damage. When this happens, and your body can’t repair the cells, there is an increased chance of mutation. And mutated cells will multiply and require skin cancer treatment in the worst case. The chances of damage increase if you have exposed moles or an overabundance of freckles. So take precautions by staying out of the sun entirely and enjoying the outdoors in the shade.

Dehydration Can be Deadly

Severe heat, such as that during a heatwave where temperatures are abnormally high, will cause your core temperature to rise. As this happens, your inner moisture is released on your skin. The reason is that it helps cool your skin as it evaporates. However, your body will release more than usual the hotter you are. And this can happen very quickly without you realizing that you quickly become dehydrated. Severe dehydration can occur in as little as 30 minutes and can lead to heatstroke. Heatstroke is deadly and can happen with little warning.

Staying Out of the Sun Prevents Cosmetic Issues

There are many benefits to getting some sun on your skin. When you expose your skin, a healthy glow, improved cell production, and even natural moisturizing occur. But like anything, sun exposure is best done in moderation. Some cosmetic issues of too much sun include:

  • Premature aging wrinkles as your skin burns and dries out.
  • Severely dried out skin caused by a loss of bodily moisture.
  • Various hair issues such as frizz, increased volume, and cell damage.

Your skin will become much dryer if you stay in the sun for a prolonged period without taking breaks in the shade and hydrating. Over time, your skin will dry so much it ages prematurely. And your hair can also be affected in much the same way that it will require ongoing treatment.

UV Rays and Light Harm Your Eyes

A quality pair of sunglasses is essential when staying out in the sun. First, of course, they look cool. But there are also medical reasons why you need them. UV exposure is severely harmful to your eyes. In particular, your corneas can become damaged to the point of macular degeneration. When this happens, you will sustain impaired vision. Further, your eyelids can sustain damage too. More cosmetic than medical, your eyelids will become dry and wrinkled, lose elasticity, and you will possibly develop pigment spots around your eyes.

Heat Can Affect Your Immune System

It’s OK to vigilantly enjoy a heat wave, especially if it’s a rare thing, like in the UK. But one of the most concerning things about a sudden increase in heat is that it can affect your immune system. According to recent studies, a higher body temperature can severely reduce your response to viruses, including the common cold, flu, and COVID-19. Fortunately, on the other hand, exposing your body to controlled bursts of cold temperature can boost the immune response. Some experts agree that a 1-minute cold shower each morning will combat viruses.


Enjoying the summer has health and social benefits. But staying out of the sun is vital to reduce skin damage risk, prevent cosmetic issues, and maintain your immune system.

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