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Not Another Fall! Common Reasons Why It’s Occurring

It can be so embarrassing if you fall when you are at work or out in the town. After all, everyone will come to see if you are okay. And you are bound to just shrug it off because you’re clumsy. But if it’s happening a lot, there could be more to it. And you need to do something about it now for the sake of your health! Therefore, here are some common health reasons why you might keep falling over.


Low iron

If you are feeling light-headed, it’s easy for you to have a fall when you are out and about. After all, you might struggle to concentrate and then might miss a step which will result in a fall. And feeling light headed could be down to low iron. It can lead you to feel like you have low energy and shortness of breath. This can all contribute to you making an error when you are walking which results in a fall. Thankfully, there is a lot of things they can do if you have low iron. For starters, the doctor will tell you to look at your diet as you may need to increase the amount of iron. Cereals, leafy veg, and brown rice, are just a few you should add to your diet! Also, they can put you on an iron supplement which can ensure your iron levels get a boost. And if you are still struggling with low energy, you should make sure you start the day off well with exercise and a healthy breakfast!




It could be a sign of osteoporosis

Another reason why you might be taking a tumble could be down to poor bones. In fact, falls are a common symptom of osteoporosis. You might think it’s a condition which just affects older people. But it can develop at any time, especially if you have family members who have got the condition, or if you are doing a lack of exercise. Therefore, if you are suffering from falls, it’s worth going to the doctor so they can test to see if it’s this condition. And if it is, there are lots of things you can do to help treat the condition. But for starters, staying healthy by exercising and eating a good diet is important. You can also help treat the condition by using some form of supplement. Just make sure you check out reviews like these AlgaeCal reviews to help you choose the right supplement for your bone strength. And always get the doctor’s opinion first before taking anything.


Poor vision

You might also be falling more often down to an eyesight problem. After all, poor vision could be causing you to miss your step. If you haven’t been to the opticians for a while, now is the time to go for an eye test. They will check your vision thoroughly, and then can discuss whether you need any help. After all, a pair of glasses might improve your vision so falls become a thing of the past! Therefore, don’t hesitate to see an eye doctor if you are struggling with your eyesight.



And make sure you get your blood pressure checked out. After all, low blood pressure could be causing you to get dizzy and light headed which could lead to falls!


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