Why You’re Getting Enchiladas Wrong (And How To Stop)

When it comes to easy-to-eat, filling, and super flavorful food, Mexican cuisine is pretty hard to beat, and, chief amongst them, the enchilada stands out as king among the family fun foods. However, do you feel like yours aren’t quite coming up to bat in terms of flavor? Or maybe the texture isn’t quite right? As simple as they are to make, enchiladas can require a little finesse to master. Here are a few ways you might be getting them wrong and what to do about it.

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You’re not getting the right tortillas

Flour tortillas might be easier to find in all manner of stores, but they’re not actually the type traditionally used in enchiladas. You should be looking for corn tortillas, instead, which have a bit of a richer taste and can be fried ahead of the bake so that they can hold their form better. You can look at sites like to see where you can find the best tortillas, as well. If you go with flour tortillas, not only are you more likely to experience the sogginess we’ll dive into next, but it just won’t taste the same.

They’re soggy

This is one of the biggest mistakes you’re going to find across the board. Soggy enchiladas can be disheartening, to say the least, and this tends to come from the method and order in which you do things. You should quick fry your tortillas before you roll them up and then cook them. This process strengthens the bread so that, while it still locks in the flavor of the sauce, it’s not going to completely lose its form and soak in too much of it, too quickly.

Buying your sauce in the store

The enchilada sauce is the star of the show, there’s no getting around that. If you want quick enchiladas that take no effort at all, then buying the sauce in-store is convenient, but way less tasty. This green enchilada sauce recipe at doesn’t require a lot of ingredients to make, just tomatillos, anaheim peppers, cilantro, and some seasonings. What’s more, if you make the enchilada sauce, you’re not just making it for one meal.  You can easily chill and use it for future enchiladas, and it’s always going to be better than storebought.

Getting the proportions wrong

Another issue that can lead to soggy enchiladas or, even worse, the super messy kind that spills all over the place, is not paying attention to the proportions. You want to make sure that you get plenty of filling, but you should try not to go too far overboard. You only want a couple of tablespoons of that filling in there, otherwise, you’re very likely to see them ripping and spilling their contents all over the place. Of course, you should have some bread like a bolillo for soaking up anything that does spill, but still, you want to avoid that.

As delicious as they can be, enchiladas deserve that little extra love and attention. Follow the tips above and you could ensure many a satisfying meal for years to come.

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