Whole Fruit Smoothies Review and #Giveaway

I am just going to say it- losing weight is for the darn birds! It’s nice when I am trying to watch what I eat to discover a new snack or food that is low in calories and yummy. Sometime those two don’t go hand in hand. J&J Snack Foods has come out with these yummy whole fruit smoothies that are only 100 calores. I know right?

About J&J Snack Foods

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to try these yummy desert treats. Whole Fruit Smooties are made with chucks of fruit and pack a huge punch of taste. J&J Snack Foods prides themselves to bring the best quality of food they can. They have several different types of products like bars and pints. They are looking for your opinion on their next new flavor so go check them out and vote. All of the Whole Fruit line are kosher and gluten free but only the bars are fat free and dairy free (except the coconut flavor).

My Review

Yummaroo is what I can say about them. I received one box of each flavor of the Whole Fruit Smoothies. They come in mixed berry, strawberry banana, and pineapple mango. They are all really good but my favoite has to be the pineapple mango. Each flavor is only 100 calories and really helps when you have a sweet tooth after dinner. They are individually portioned so you can’t over eat (well you can if you grab another which I have been known to do). My husband really liked the mixed berry flavor and continued to eat the entire box of them and I maybe got a sniff of one.  HA

My son liked all three flavors so these are perfect for your kiddos and the perfect size. They are a no guilt desert or treat anytime of the day. Please let me know if you have tried these and your opinion.

The Giveaway

J&J Snack Foods is giving one lucky reader a sample pack of their own. One package of each flavor. US Residents only ends 11/3/12. Good Luck. Remember do the mandatory entry or all other entries will be removed.


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