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Watch Out For These Bad Habits During Coronavirus

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Thanks to the global pandemic, we’ve all had our regular lives disrupted. Whether you can’t work at all, have had to start working from home, or are just missing your social life, it’s natural to feel strange. Unfortunately, some of these changes have led to some bad habits creeping in, that aren’t good for your physical or mental health. To look after yourself, watch out for these bad habits.  

Drinking Too Much

Lots of people are drinking more than before, whether they’re just bored sitting at home, or as a coping mechanism. A few extra drinks here and there is understandable and not always anything to worry about, but if you find yourself drinking to excess on a regular basis, this is an issue. Alcohol can negatively impact both your physical and mental health. 

Try to limit your drinking, and drink alcohol free-alternatives instead, at least some of the time. If you find yourself turning to something harder than alcohol to cope, seek help from outpatient drug treatment centers

Over Eating

Comfort eating or snacking out of boredom?. You’re not alone. Whether you’re ordering more takeaways because you can’t face cooking every night or you’re eating more unhealthy snacks to cheer yourself up on tough days, this is a problem. Overeating can cause weight gain and other problems with your health and isn’t going to fuel your body properly. Instead, try to swap the junk food for healthier options, and try to limit the number of takeaways you order, and cook at home instead. 

Social Media

Social media is an easy distraction from the world right now, so if you’re bored at home, it’s likely you’re spending more time than ever scrolling through social media. We already know that heavy use of mobile devices isn’t ideal for our mental health, but that’s especially true at the moment. Constantly reading headlines about the pandemic can make you feel more stressed and anxious. Seeing people disregarding guidelines on your feeds can make you feel angry and resentful. 

If you feel anxious or angry, put your phone down and do something else instead, like reading, exercise, or a game. 

Not Exercising

If your local gym, pool, or class has had to close, it might be harder to find the motivation to exercise. As you spend more time not exercising, your energy levels will dip, making it even harder to find the motivation to work out. 

Exercise is excellent for mental health, so if you can, try to find an alternative to your usual workout routine if you’ve had to give it up. There are lots of fitness trainers and gyms that have pivoted to offer classes or personal training sessions virtually. You could try some of these or some of the many fitness videos available for free on YouTube. You can find everything from Pilates to Zumba online. Start running and take your exercise outdoors. Go for long walks around your neighborhood. Find something that helps you to keep active. 

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