Temper TantrumTemper tantrums are very real in my life right now.  My 2 1/2 year old son throws them everyday. We aren’t talking about about a little whining and crying. Oh no, these are throw yourself on the ground, flail around, cry and scream at the top of your lungs tantrums. It’s so bad that we rarely take him out to eat because I hate the scene he makes and the stares I get. It easier to just leave him with someone or not go at all but is this normal and healthy?

What is a tantrum? They are made up from 3 types of challenges.

A physical challenge may mean they are hungry or thirsty.

A mental challenge may mean they are having trouble doing something or leaning a task

Emotional challenges could be a range os things. Frustration, anger, sadness. These can really start the tantrum.

There are several things that are suggested to try to avoid them that we have tired:

Remain Consistent– We have a pretty good schedule in place I think. We try to make bed time the same, eating around the same time. I know routine is very important to have.

Praise– I am always telling my son I love him and praise him when he has done good.

Let them choose– I am always giving choices and let him pick what he wants. I hope that gives him the sense of control. I know when I get to choose for myself it’s a good to know I am getting what I really want.

I have been told to just ignore him when he throws these tantrum but can I tell you how annoying they get? If I walk into another room he just follows me as if I want to keep hearing him scream so high dogs can hear him.  Good news is that MOST outgrown tantrums by the age of 4. How lucky for me I only have a year and a half left of these. Do you have any style or techniques that have worked for you? Please share.

The Child Brain Health Research Institute has a fantastic tool to help parents teach their kids to be respectful and listen. 21 Days is all it takes. Let’s raise happy kids and be fantastic parents.

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