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Tips for Better Respiratory Health

The subject or respiratory health is a hot topic right now, but if you’re looking to boost your general respiratory health aside from the rest of the things going on the world, that’s more than possible. It’s something that we all should be doing anyway. There are lots of ways of making it happen and none of them are particularly complicated. If you want to find out more about what you should be doing, here’s the guidance you should know about.

Cut Out Smoking and/or Second-Hand Smoke

First of all, you need to ditch the cigarettes if that’s something that you haven’t done already. There are so many risks to your lungs that come from smoking alone, and it’s not even enough to simply cut out your own smoking. If you’re being exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke because of the people around you, you should encourage them to change their habits too.


Exercise is also vital for your lungs. You might primarily think about this being about your heart and losing weight, but your lungs benefit hugely when you workout and exercise regularly. Even if you’re not able to do vigorous exercise, you should do your best to at least be active in some shape or form because it’ll help your whole body’s health, including your respiratory system.

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Take Precautions Depending on Your Job

If you’re working a job that has the potential to expose your lungs to damaging fumes, it’s important that you’re protected. That’s something your employer has a responsibility to do. And people who have gotten seriously unwell this way should take action, such as by contacting a mesothelioma attorney and pursuing legal avenues. But if you’re still in work, make sure proper health and safety precautions are taken to protect you.

Consider Your Exposure to Pollution

One of the biggest risks we all face when it comes to our general respiratory health is our exposure to pollution. When you live in a city with air pollution problems, you’re probably going to be breathing in pollution regularly. You can improve your indoor air quality by doing things like using plants to purify the air. Little things like that can make a difference to some extent.

See Your Doctor Regularly

In order to stay on top of your respiratory health and see where it’s going both now and how it’s changing over the years, it’s important to stay in regular contact with your doctor. They’ll be able to assess your respiratory health, ensure everything is doing okay and spot any signs of problems early on. That way, you can take action when necessary and know what you should be doing differently and when.

Looking after your respiratory health is not something that should be ignored. Now more than ever it’s important that we take care of ourselves and ensure we’re not exposed to problems that might lead to health complications in the short-term or the long-term. So start taking the steps discussed above.

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6 thoughts on “Tips for Better Respiratory Health

  1. You made a good point that air pollution poses a considerable risk to respiratory health. By the way, the indoor air quality can be five times worse! And as we spend 90% of our time at home these days, it becomes essential to pay attention to this. So here are some more ways you can improve air quality in your home:
    1. Wash the curtains
    2. Clean the carpets
    3. Clean furniture and any textiles
    4. Change air conditioner and furnace filters regularly
    5. Clean the air ducts at least once a year

  2. I see you’ve mentioned how poor air quality impacts our lungs – that’s great. This is one of the biggest risks we all face, indeed. But poor air quality not only causes respiratory diseases. It can also lead to other serious ailments such as severe headaches, heart problems, and even cancer.

  3. Speaking of the air pollution problem, I just want to add that the air quality in your home can be five times worse than outside! Believe it or not, it’s a fact.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Respiratory problems can also be caused by injuries to the nasal septum. Fortunately, it can be easily fixed by plastic surgery.

  5. I would also suggest looking at your windows to make your home safe for your health. Condensation and mold often form on low-quality and old windows. This worsens the air quality and poses a threat to health. If you can see condensation or mold on your windows, consider a replacement.

  6. Thank you! Home air quality is also important. Dirty air conditioner filters are often the cause of poor indoor air quality. Pros recommend cleaning them at least once every three months.

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