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How To Look After Your Childrens Teeth

How To Look After Your Children’s Teeth

Getting children to do anything we ask that will be good for them is difficult at the best of times, and brushing teeth is definitely up there with those tasks. Some of them do give it their best shot, which is almost all we can ask for, apart from them actually doing it well. 

To help children in your/their quest for healthy and happy teeth, there are some tips that might be able to help you. Read this piece to find out how to look after your children’s teeth. 

Start Brushing as Soon as They Come In

As soon as those baby teeth start making an appearance, it means they can come into contact with food. If they are not cleaned properly then problems can start to arise. 

Your child’s teeth can decay no matter how small they are if the conditions are right, so it is crucial to make sure they are brushed correctly every day.

Use a small baby brush – very soft and gentle on their teeth and gums, and brush around the teeth lightly as you would your own. Use toothpaste that is suitable for babies and children, and make sure to do this process twice a day. 

Cavities can cause tooth pain, make it difficult for your child to chew, and can also cause problems with their teeth as they get older if the problem is not addressed.

Introduce a Game

Children love games and competitions, so creating one around brushing their teeth will more than likely help them get on board with a little more enthusiasm. 

This game can be anything you can think of, or you can choose some that have already been made up by other parents!

For children who are slightly older, investing in an electric toothbrush that offers a countdown can also work well. Toothbrushes that are inspired by their favorite tv shows or characters can also get them up the stairs, ready to brush the days snacks away too. 

Regular dental check-ups will help you determine whether your children are brushing adequately enough, and a dentist will be able to give you additional advice. Just search for “dentist near me” to find a local trusted dentistry, and get your child registered. 

Cut Down on Sugar 

Sugar is the ultimate culprit when it comes to tooth decay and cavities. This is because when it is left on the tooth for too long, it turns acidic. This acid then starts to eat away at the tooth, causing a hole. If you can, try and cut down your children’s sugar intake and opt for more low sugar options. It is worth pointing out that the sugar in fruit can also damage the tooth enamel, so while a great, healthy option, make sure your children have their teeth cleaned regularly if they are eating a lot of fruit. Variety is the spice of life, so if you are not sure what to give your children instead, there are plenty of ideas available to try

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