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Watch Out For The Ways Corona Can Impact Your Life (Beyond Getting Sick)

It makes sense that the primary concern for most people right now is contracting the coronavirus and getting sick. However, physical illness is not the only problem that many people could be facing due to this pandemic. In fact, there are several other issues it’s essential to account for and protect yourself from. Read in to find out what they are. 

Coronavirus Testing

To ensure that you stay well, follow the regulations in place regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Wash your hands regularly, keep to social distancing requirements and wear a face mask when in public places, on public transport and in environments where there are many people. If you start to feel unwell with a temperature of 38.0 or above, feel fatigued, experience a loss of taste or smell. 

Please book yourself into your local testing centre and get a coronavirus test, you can also now order a covid pcr test kit. You can also order multiple testing kits to have on hand at home, should any family members start to experience coronavirus symptoms. Included within the test kit is the option for the sample to be collected. 

You will receive your digital results within a 24-hour timeframe, meaning that should the outcome be positive you will be able to put in measure to self-isolate, protecting those you love, and on a brighter note should your test be negative you can be assured that you have done the right thing and are protecting not just your immediate family, but people in your wider community.

The great news is that there will be a coronavirus vaccine. You should take precautions and be careful until you have had the coronavirus vaccination.

Be coronavirus safe and make sure that you get tested.

Mental health 

Even if you don’t get the virus, there is a clear risk that many of the strategies used to flatten the curve will negatively impact mental health. In fact, in many locations, people have been under shelter in place orders for over a month. 

Of course, such self-quarantine requires psychological tenacity. Especially for those people that live in small spaces without gardens. Those that are living with family they don’t see eye to eye with, and those with predicting mental health issues. Even for people with ideal home life, being stuck with your nearest and dearest with no room for escape can be challenging. 

With that in mind, you mustn’t neglect your mental health during this time. In fact, where possible, plan activities and strategies that will help at least some of the stress, including exercise, meditation, alone time, and entertainment. 

Losing your job 

It is a very uncertain time for those in the working world right now. With many people being worried that they may not have a company to go back to. Still, others found themselves let go right at the beginning of the pandemic without any savings or a safety net. 

Then there will be the inevitable redundancies that will occur. An issue that people are predicting will happen when employers realize they can save money by embracing home working. After all, if a few people can do the work efficiently from home, companies will no longer have to pay out for expense offices stuffed with staff. 

The good news is that there may be a way to challenge a situation where you feel you have been wrongly dismissed, even during this uncertain and confusing time. In fact, the key to success here is to discuss your case with an excellent legal team and proceed with the advice that they offer. 

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Economic hardship 

Even those who have not lost their jobs entirely or had their business fold under them may be suffering from economic hardship due to the pandemic. In fact, many people that have been furlough will be on reduced wages. While those that rely on the income from their own business may be facing hard times as well. After all, many companies that are classed as non-essential are not allowed to open. 

Fortunately, there are some tacos you can use to help you survive economic hardship brought on by COVID-19. These include measures the US government is putting in place to provide stimulus checks to keep people afloat. Additionally, there are also local initiatives such as food banks and outreach centers that can supply the critical necessities for survival during this challenging time. 

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