Things Every Young Child Should Get To Do This Summer

Things Every Young Child Should Get To Do This SummerAs summer vacation quickly approaches, it’s important to have a fun-filled list of activities for the children to have tons of fun with. After all, summer is the season where it’s okay to get messy in the mud and let the hair down. Planning a to-do list for young children is actually pretty simple with a little creativity! Here are a few activities to consider involving your little ones in during the summer months!

 Take a trip to the zoo!

This is a trip that is really easy to plan and can be an unforgettable experience for the little ones. Two weeks before the trip, start teaching the children about different animals that would be commonly seen in a zoo. This could be done during breakfast at the table. Introduce a new animal each day. Then, surprise the kids after breakfast on the last day and take them to the zoo. It can be really educational and exciting to see all the animals that they’ve learned about over the past two weeks. Be sure to pack a lot of snacks, water and the double strollers since the zoo is a trip that can take a while!


Go Berry Picking!

Depending on what is in season, take the children to the nearest local orchard or farm to do some berry picking. Most orchards are kid-friendly and the kids can pretend to be little farmers and help pick whatever fruit is ripest depending on where you are located and where you go! When everyone is home, make delicious smoothies and popsicles with the newly acquired produce!


Experience happy trails while camping!

One of the most exciting experiences in life is to fall asleep underneath the stars. While it’s really important to be sure to have lots of parental supervision and help, take the children on a camping trip. Have a bonfire complete with s’mores, hot dogs and apple cider. Go on a few short hiking trips and teach children more about the beauty of nature!

 Go Swimming!

A favorite summer pastime for most children is spending time in the sun and water. If you live near a beach or lake, take the kids to build sandcastles or splash in the water. Remember to bring snacks and lots of sunscreen! If you live in a big city like New York, you can sing your kids up for swimming lessons in Manhattan or visit a local pool.



Service is the rent we pay for living and it’s vital that children have that understanding while they are young. Random acts of kindness or service can be done with the kids. Search for ways to volunteer time to help someone else in need. Allow the kids to illustrate beautiful cards of encouragement and find a local children’s hospital to distribute the cards.


Before you know it, these activities will be completed and it will be time to send the little ones back to school. Get creative. Remember to keep a camera available to document all these beautiful moments and soak them in. Children only stay young for so long so make the most of the summertime and cherish it together!

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