Television time control devices for kids

There are a number of leisure activities available to children who were born in the 1990’s. Unfortunately, a disproportionate number of them fall under the category of inactive pastimes. These inactive pastimes also tend to be the most popular. They include video games, computer usage and TV. Of these, the biggest share is owed to the television. While economic backgrounds may limit video game usage, and computer usage can easily be controlled by the parents by setting a password and defining limits but, there is no easy way to restrict the usage of TV. What’s more, the parents of these children too were exposed to TV at a young age and use it as a primary source of entertainment.

The TV has become focal point of congregation at home

The content that is present on TV is highly addictive for all age groups, though the detrimental effect on children is better understood. Studies show that prolonged TV viewing among children contribute to such disorders like behavioural problems, elevated blood pressure and a risk of being obese. Realizing the detrimental effects has prompted parents to search and identify ways to control their children’s exposure to TV.

In 2007, TV Time control devices were first introduced in to the market. These devices allowed parents to limit the hours children watch TV, or even use the TV to watch DVDs or play video games. The TV Timer is a modified plug-in device for your TV’s power cable. It lets your TV plug in to your wall socket via the device which is screwed in to the wall panel and prevents the TV plug from being removed. This device has a control panel that lets you program timers for accessing features and even allows you to password protect each feature. Such devices are widely available and cost just about $50.

Technology Can Help

There are more advanced solutions available on the market too which involve purchasing a particular type of set top box. This device goes as far as to filter out profanity from the TV shows irrespective of whether you own a satellite, cable or DVD connection hooked up to your TV.

Other interesting options to limit the time your child plays video games are token timers. These allow the child to play video games on the TV only when a token is inserted into the device. One token allows the game to be played for 15 minutes. Parental switch overrides are available to let parents play for longer durations.

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