BabaSling by Joovy Review

Babywearing is one aspect of natural parenting. While I never participated in it much myself, I love bringing you product that could help you in your babywearing journey.

About Joovy

Joovy is an American company out of Texas and California. They strive in making family gear fun, practical, and useful. Customer service is what they love. They take what their customers say very serious. They price their high quality products reasonable to buy.  You will notice most of their products have the double O’s like their company name.

We were thrilled get receive the BabaSling Organic to review. Since I don’t have a little one my review Stephanie enjoyed this product.

I love that this product is organic and that educating wearers and training new users is of supreme importance to Joovy and they ask that each and every person who purchases theBabaSling take a few moments to watch their instructional and safety tips videos.

Stephanie’s Review

I have really wanted to get a sling but there are so many to chose from. I couldn’t be happier with this sling! My 5 month old son LOOOOVES it! He gets really happy as soon as he gets in it. I love how easy it is to use. It took a little bit to figure out the correct length for me but the instruction guide included was amazing. It is full of tips and descriptions (with pictures) on many different holds.

My son’s favorite is the kangaroo hold – that way he can still look out at the world! The sling is very lightweight and washes well. This sling has been a lifesaver when my son just wants to be close but I have things to do! Thank you for the great product, again I love it

Safe babywearing is important so please make sure you read up on the proper and safe way to do it.


Keep a look out for my review later this week for the FooCot by Joovy! You will loove this product too (see my stellar usage of the double O’s?)

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