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We’re constantly bombarded with images of our favourite celebrity’s looks immaculate in the latest designer clothes, long glossy air extensions and that ‘just stepped off the plane’ year round glow. Sun SafteyWhile most of us can’t afford the time or money it takes to look like this but we can afford to mimic that sun kissed glow, unfortunately this is the most dangerous fashion accessory we can strive for and whilst we’re lying on the beach or even soaking up the rays in our back garden we’re not only damaging our own skin, but we’re setting a bad example for our children too.
The younger the child the less tolerance they have for the sun, babies under the age of 6 months should be kept out the sun completely so always make sure they’re in the shade or that their parasol has an umbrella. You need to invest in some good quality skin care products too, no matter how old they are always make sure they’re wearing sun cream and keep applying it throughout the day. If they’re going to be playing in the water invest in the water resistant cream and still make sure you apply it regularly because it will come off, it will be sweated off and it will be absorbed into the skin. Apply it 30 minutes before they’re exposed to the sun so that it has time to soak into the skin. Pay particular attention to their ears, nose and lips as these protruding body parts are most at risk.
Try and keep them covered up as much as possible, long and lose clothes that they can still move and play in will give them extra protection from the sun. Light weight cotton is one of the better materials to wear in the sun and although they can be a nightmare to keep clean, lighter colours reflect the sun whereas darker colours are just going to absorb all that heat.
It’s not just their skin that’s at risk from over exposure to the sun but their eyes can be damaged too, a hat with a brim will protect their eyes as well as their head and if they’re old enough get them UV protection sun glasses to keep harmful sun rays out of their eyes.
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