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How to help your Frustration

If you asked me to describe my life, right at this moment, with one word it would have to be frustrated. I can not even begin to elaborate on how much frustration isFrustration built up inside me. How can all that be healthy? It can’t. There has got to be something I can do to help. So I looked up online ways to release frustration and here are some good points.

  • Take a mental break
  • Exercise
  • Talk things out with a friend
  • Listen to music or do something you enjoy doing
  • Cry it out if need be.

While I don’t mean to sound negative, but it will come out that way, half those things listed ARE what is making me frustrated. Exercise is hard for me, if you read my Happy Healthy Monday  post you will know why, and it frustrates. Crying? Really if I started to cry out my frustration I would be here all month and be a raisin by the end of it.  Talking I can do but sometimes that just makes it worse.  I wish I could take a mental break, aka vacation, but again money issues frustrate me.

So now the question arises, are these things really the cause of my frustration or is it something else? Hmm, I will have to go all Dr. Phil on myself to think about that one. I honestly think that if my job was one I enjoyed and that made me happy (and money) that I think 70% of my frustration would clear up.  Think about it it, there are 8760 hours in a year and you spend 2080 of them at work (based on 40 hrs per week). To me that is a whole lot of hours of your life to be unhappy and frustrated, and that is just at a job. I know if I am frustrated at my job I bring that home with me. My husbands gets so mad at me when I blow up at him over nothing. In all honesty, our marriage has suffered from it. That will be a different topic.

So what can I do? Well for one, if my job is giving me so much of my frustration why not find another right? Well wrong!  Jobs are tough to come by these days. I do look daily and apply to a few but unfortunately I can not take a pay cut to just any ole job, again due to the frustrating bills.

So this is an ongoing battle, which one day I will win. So what are you biggest frustrations? What are you doing to change them? I know I am taking it day by day and second by second. I just pray tha one day everything I have been doing fall into place.

Robert Onebamoi, Pastor, Author and Success Facilitator has written a book called The Anatomy of Frustration. You can learn how to sleep better, be calm, and get the the root of your frustrations. Check out Robert’s FREE Frustrationproof Report. Let’s not continue to let frustration destroy our health and well-being.

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