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How Travel Contributes to a Balanced Life

Life can be pretty hectic sometimes – heck, it’s hectic most of the time.  Finding the time to do things that are good for us can sometimes be difficult; do you ever find yourself having to justify that long morning in bed reading aTravel book or that sneaky spa weekend getaway?  The thing is, travel actually helps contribute to a healthy, more balanced life.  Here’s how.

It gives you space to think.  Our homes are filled with distractions and things that demand our attention – whether that’s the pile of empty dishes, the overflowing laundry basket, a ringing phone or the television.  When you’re sitting in the airport or on that long flight, you’ll soon find your mind struggling with all of that empty space.  And that’s a good thing: you need some time to clear out all those thoughts and get some grounding.

It gives you perspective.  Remember when you were a little child and took your first field trip to somewhere exotic – maybe a zoo or a scenic viewpoint?  You ran home full of excitement.  Of course, travel is a little more tiring than a field trip, but indeed you will return home appreciative of who you are, what you have, with the knowledge of how you are different and special than everyone else.

 It gives you confidence.  Nobody said travelling is easy! It is often daunting at times, particularly if you are a solo traveler.  Unusual situations, strange etiquette, and foreign languages can make you feel like a flopping fish out of water.  But that old chestnut what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger has some truth.  If you manage to order your food without total embarrassment, just think how much easier those difficulties at home will feel?

 It gives you inspiration.  The world is a beautiful, glorious place – yes, even your own country, no matter how big or small.  Snow capped mountains, neon blue lakes and streams, glittering city skylines…no matter what types of experiences you’re looking for, they are out there.  You just have to go and find them.  I’ll all but guarantee that you’ll return from those stunning views and fabulous experiences inspired, ready to put some vigor and spice into your personal and professional life.

Life’s short. Don’t waste it stuck in your own tiny bubble – get out and see the world.  Travel.  It’s part of a balanced life.

Andy Hayes is the managing editor of Sharing Travel Experiences, a travel lifestyle magazine. Andy says “travel more!” and hopes that travel will help you find a balanced life.

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  1. Hey Karla! This is great, I’m living in Buffalo for the summer now but plan on going on an extended vacation to the Philippines to train a team to work for me. This is going to be the first time for me to be out of the USA for more than 10 days and I’ll be there for at least 3 months. I’m extremely excited/scared/optimistic about the whole thing and feel it will change my outlook on life 🙂
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