I had an awesome opportunity to try out the service of Stanley Steemer. I wasn't for sure how to use them. I still own two houses. I decided that I would use them to clean my hardwood floors in my house. Since we moved in almost a year ago we, we thought what a better time to get them professionally cleaned.


Check out this video on how they professionally handle house calls:

My Experience

I have to say the two guys that came to my door were very professional and friendly. They made sure I knew everything they were going to do. They made sure I wasn't getting overcharged either. Since I didn't know the exact size of the space, due to the configuration, they came in and said I would only be charged the one room price. Which was great.

Even though I had already swept my floor they made sure it was clean before they cleaned it. He explained that they basically strip off the top coat of the hardwood and them but a polly coat back over it.

When he got ready to put the polly coat on, because the where the hardwood is, he made sure I was not trapped in the basement. Which I would have been had it not been explained to me. So I gathered my stuff and husband and waited outside so we could leave. We couldn't walk on the floor for four hours. When all said and done they were out in about an hour.

I didn't even think about taking before and after pictures and I am kicking myself for it however, I really don't see much of a difference. It could be the former owners already did this a year ago. I do in some parts see that some dark spots have been removed so I know that the process was a success. My hallway for sure looks better.

I highly recommend using Stanley Steemer if you have areas in your house that need a little shine. If you are in the Des Moines, IA area, look up the Grimes crew because they were by far outstanding in their service.

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“Disclosure:  The gift certificate, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Stanley Steemer through MyBlogSpark.”

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