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Go Green: Eco-friendly Hardwood Floors

The fancy for eco friendly homes these days has created an increasing demand for eco friendly hardwood floor products in the market.Hardwood flooring is a much healthier choice compared to most flooring installation options such as carpets and chemically treated wood.

Eco friendly hardwood floors don’t require excessive chemical treatments to clean, and can be maintained easily. Compared to carpets, hardwood floor products do not trap dust and emit toxic fumes from their surface. Instead the rich organic texture of hardwood floors is known for purifying and enriching the quality of air in your home.

Eco-friendly hardwood floor products are also the number one choice for people suffering from medical conditions such as allergies. The smooth slick surface of a hardwood floor prevents dust and other allergens from settling on its mantle making it a healthy alternative for people suffering from respiratory illnesses.

One of the major facets of these hardwood floor products is its durability. These flooring installations are constructed from very resilient and sturdy timbers found in virgin forests. The wood originating in these forests is of the highest quality and was successfully used to create some of the historical structures which have stood the test of time.

Apart from its durability, hardwood floor products possess an inherent beauty which gives an aesthetic appeal to your home decor. The natural wear and tear endured by wood has given it a mystique character and attractiveness that is unparalleled. This kind of wood has endured years and possibly centuries of climate change and weather patterns which have made it rugged and impervious to changes in humidity. This attribute of hardwood floors ensures its longevity as a viable and enduring flooring installation option.

Owing to its organic nature, hardwood floor products have been found to exhibit absorptive properties by absorbing toxic emissions inside your home and purifying the quality of air in your living space.

The best way to help yourself and your family with maintaining a healthy and green home is to start with a wood floor rather than some synthetic carpet. Wood and Tile help keep your home cool, also requiring less insulation (another synthetic product that is not eco friendly). 

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t yet decided on your flooring options, choose Wood flooring products to make your home eco-friendly!


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  1. Thank you for your post about the different ways in which hardwood floors can be eco-friendly as well. It is always important to weigh green options when making a decision on home reno/remodel projects. There are many kinds of products available that help to maintain a healthy and green lifestyle, starting from the (floor) up!

  2. Insulation’s primary job is to slow heat flow from room to room in your house. You want to slow this movement of heat and capture it in one place to keep the temperature the same throughout.

  3. Waking up in the morning is when this is most apparent. Your room is freezing cold, and then you get out of bed just to step on those cold floors which carry all the way into to the kitchen.

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