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If You Have to Eat Fast Food Choose One of These

healthy fast foods eating on the goWhen you are a busy parent, finding time to prepare dinner at the end of the day can be difficult. After working, cleaning the house and helping with homework the last thing any parent wants to do is cook. This causes many to turn to fast food which has been deemed a fattening meal option which is not necessarily true. In fact there are several healthy fast food restaurants. Here are America’s top five healthiest fast food restaurants for busy parents.


Surprisingly McDonalds is a great place for busy parents to purchase a healthy meal to go. They have an impressive healthy menu option for both kids and adults. Parents can enjoy a nice chicken salad or snack wrap and the kids can enjoy a Happy Meal which can be purchased with apple slices and milk or juice instead of fries and soda.

Au Bon Pain

This fast food restaurant serves amazing sandwiches, salads and entrees made with fresh veggies, organic meats and whole grains. This is the perfect place to pick up some delicious food for lunch or dinner. You and your children can enjoy a tasty meal together and you will know that you are giving them a healthy and nutritious meal. You will be impressed by the nutritional facts of several items on the menu.

Panera Bread

This fast food restaurant offers healthy meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a menu that includes organic yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches made with organic cheese and whole grain bread meal options are endless. This is a great place for those days when there is no time to cook. You can also get a great cup of coffee at this bakery/café fast food place.

Noodles and Company

Noodles and company offers their customers a healthy option to Asian food. Instead of serving grease filled food they only use soybean oil. All meals are made with lean proteins and fresh ingredient. They also serve Mediterranean and American dishes. One of their most popular dishes is their whole grain linguine.


Subway is a great healthy fast food option. Since customers are given the option to build their own sandwich, it is easy to make healthy choices. Aside from selecting whole grain bread, customers have the choice of several vegetables as well as lean meats such as turkey or chicken. Busy parent love Subway simply because it is quick and easy way to feed the family and there are so many options. Overall there are several fast food restaurants for busy parents. Finding time to prepare a meal can be difficult but with the healthy meal options that these restaurants provide any parent has the option of ordering a meal that is affordable and quick. Whether you enjoy fresh entrees made from organic ingredients or a delicious sandwich with great nutritional value these American fast food restaurants will fit your needs. You may be surprised at what you may find at your local fast food place. There are delicious meal options waiting for you.

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  1. My nieces actually like getting the apple dippers at McDonald's!!  They have been trying to make some healthy options available.  And Subway is always a good choice if you don't pile on the sauces!

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