Sparkling Ice {Review + Giveaway}

Anyone that knows me knows I hate plain water. Yet water is such a key item to any weight loss journey. So what is a girl to do? I can tell you drink Sparkling Ice!

Sparkling ICE is an excellent source of B-Vitamins, Vitamin D and antioxidants. B-Vitamins help the body obsorb engery from food,  Vitamin D  helps with bone strength, and antioxidants help protect your body’s cells. All this in one slim looking, great tasting drink. They have EIGHT big bold flavors available. Sparkling ICE is Light & Refreshing, Zero Calories, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, Sweetened with Splenda.

I was so thrilled to receive a CASE of Sparkling Ice to review.

My Thoughts

Well there are not enough action verbs to describe this water. I think this water is out of this world. I was like a school girl when the boxed arrived. I new I would be drinking at least two before the night was over. I won’t tell you how many I drank that night but I will say the case of 12 only lasted about five days! It wasn’t all me! Hubby liked the lemonade the best. Cooper liked the kiwi strawberry, while my favorite was the orange mango. The only flavor I didn’t get to try was the pomegranate berry. The coconut pineapple was my second favorite followed by the kiwi strawberry.

This is a carbonated water but the little bubble that float in your mouth while drinking these bold yummy flavors makes you want to drink more, which I did. Since my case of water has been gone, I bet I have bought at least two more cases. I just can’t get enough. The good thing about this water is that my local grocer usually have it on sale 1o for $10. Great deal and worth it for me if it helps my water intake.


I didn’t forget you, only very luck winner is going to get a case of their own to drink! The bad news, I can’t win it myself! You will get to enjoy all these wonderful flavors and trust me you will get hooked! This giveaway is for US Residents only and ends 2/21. Now get those entries on!

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  2. I found you through a giveaway listing directory somewhere this morning. I bookmarked your blog and now I can’t remember where I found out about your blog out at.

  3. I found it through a google search. I was looking up weight loss giveaways and found this. Not quite what I was researching but looks yummy.

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