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Winter Weather Precautions

Outside Snow ActivityWinter has finally showed it’s ugly head here in Iowa.  Which means Cooper can finally put on his snow pants and head outside for some winter fun. However, with winter weather we need to make sure our kids and us adults are protected.


I hate driving in winter weather. Snow is one thing but the ice is what gets to me, especially black ice. Accidents are a high risk in winter weather. Are you prepared for that? My friend, Alaina Frederick from Dinker & Giggles, wrote about the importance of having a collision kit for such times.  I personally don’t have one in any of our cars but this is something I am going to seriously consider.

Outside Play

We got anywhere form 4-8 inches of snow which is perfect for outside winter activities for the kiddos. One thing I fought about today with Cooper was keeping his hat and gloves on (as you can see in the picture he has no gloves on). His response was he can’t grab the snow well to make a snowball.  Oh the things kids say.  I have to keep reminding him that he could get sick or his hands can get frost bite. Awhile ago I had a guest writer do an article on some precautions we can take. These are some great things I have been keeping in mind this winter.

Things I Love

This is the first year that I have tried those finger gloves that have hats. You knows you can uncover your finger tips to have finger gloves and when it’s cold you can cover them to make mittens. These things are great.  I like mittens to keep my hand warm but never can pick up a darn thing.

Another item I just love is the hooded scarf. I never knew these existed until a gal I work with came in with one. This winter hasn’t been that bad to use it but last year it was a lifesaver. I normally wear the behind the head ear muffs but when it’s really windy and cold this scarf is a lifesaver. ‘

Weather your outside playing with your kids or just going to and from a building, make sure you bundle up when necessary. It’s cold out there folks and I for one HATE the cold, not sure why I live in Iowa!


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