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genesis_soda_starter_blackMy husband goes through more pop than anyone I know. I love pop but I like the flavored kinds instead of the really heavy and dark type. I was thrilled to get this opportunity to try the SodaStream. My husband had already tried one when he was living in England.  He was iffy about it but I think now they have more flavors out that I am swaying him to the light.

About SodaStream

SodaStream was founded in 1903 (wow) by W & A Gilby Ltd, London Gin Distillers. SodaStream seeks to revolutionize the beverage industry by providing a better alternative and environmentally friendly way for consumers to prepare their own refreshing carbonated beverages. They are all about consumer, partnerships, environment, and innovation.

My Review

Oh my word. Where has this product been all my life? At this point I am not sure how I functioned without it. There are several things I love about SodaStream. I received the Genesis model for review. First, I am living green. With the reusable bottles I am not harming the environment or having to worry about recycling pop cans. I love the variety of flavors they have. I have 3 favorites right now. I love the Crystal Light Strawberry, I would compare this to a strawberry crush pop. The Diet Pink Grapefruit is another favorite. While is says it’s compared to Fresca I would have to say it’s really not. Fresca is peach not grapefruit but regardless this flavor is light and not over powering, love it. Then my third favorite is the Diet Orange. My son really loves this one as well. I am hoping for a Diet Grape of some kind to come out.

I have not bought a pack of pop for myself in weeks. So I love that I am saving money. One container of flavoring is roughly $5-6 in my area (of course your area may be higher or lower in price). Generally one container can do about 25 litters of pop. Compared to pop prices I figure I am saving at least $3-4.

The SodaSteam is so simple to use. Simply fill the bottle with water, screw into the SodaStream, and press down three times. Add your flavor and your good to go. I generally make 3-4 litters per week. It’s saves on juice boxes for the kiddo as well and he simply loves it. Go get a SodaSteam today and I tell you, you will not be disappointed.

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6 thoughts on “SodaStream Genesis Review

  1. I want a Soda Stream soooo Bad! The more I read about it the more jealous I get that I don’t have one lol. Thanks for sharing !

  2. I got this one form Christmas and I love it and so does the whole family. Love the option to make soda and have it anytime you need it!

  3. I honestly don’t know how I am now just discovering this gem. My sister in-law is now wanting one. Think I might get her one for a housewarming gift since they just moved.

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