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Eco-Friendly Baby Items Every Parent Should Consider

In this day and age, many people are interested in learning new ways to help save the environment and decrease their carbon footprint. Some of the biggest sources of pollution coming from homes are the use of diapers, plastic and other resources associated with children. Luckily, there are plenty of changes you can make to help be eco-friendly, while still giving your children the best attention. Taking the time to consider the different green alternatives to products used as a parent will help you make a difference in the environment. Surprisingly, many of these transitions can also help you save money in the long run compared to traditional products.

Disposable diapers are one of the biggest sources in the world for overflowing landfills.

Since each diaper is only used once and tossed, they make a huge impact in the environment when it comes to landfills. Studies show that one diaper takes 500 years to decompose so it makes sense why many parents are considering other options. Many parents have an almost medieval perspective of cloth diapers and don’t understand that there are plenty of new and modern versions. There are actually several brands that specialize in cloth diapers, allowing the use of them to be very easy and safe for infants. Bamboo cloth diapers are a great option as they are made with a highly renewable resource and are reusable time and time again – child after child. Washing off any waste and placing the cloth diapers into the washing machine and dryer takes little time and can increase savings compared to wasteful disposable diapers.


Many parents purchase an assortment of plastic throwaway items for their children, whether it is food that has been overly packaged or disposable bottles. Making the switch to reusable products will ensure that the plastic isn’t sent to a landfill where it will sit for hundreds of years. There are plenty of environmentally friendly options for parents looking for convenience when feeding their children snacks – or even bamboo baby toys for playtime. Looking for food which uses recycled plastic is another smart idea when making a switch to eco-friendly products.

Prepare Food

Preparing food for infant may sound time consuming, but it can actually decrease your carbon footprint significantly. Instead of purchasing food that has been individually packaged in a glass container, you can use a food processor to puree your own food blends. This can help you save money and ensure that the food is completely organic, if you prefer. Purchasing jars of baby food may sound convenient, but it can have a number of negative effects on the environment. Instead of putting a strain on the recycling business by having a huge amount of glass jars build up, you can prepare your own baby food at home that is completely safe and uses no waste.

Being a parent doesn’t need to mean you pose a bigger threat to the environment.

Taking the time to check out different products that make a small impact on the environment can help a lot. One of the best things you can do as a new parent is use cloth diapers rather than disposable diapers. The switch means that you can regularly use your diapers without knowing that they end up in a landfill for hundreds of years. With improvements in the design over recent years, cloth diapers are very easy to use. Switching to products with little to no plastic is another smart move that can help you reduce your carbon footprint on the earth.

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