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Replacing Soda: Healthy Drinks With Taste

Cutting soda from your diet is one of the hardest things that anyone that has been drinking soda for a while can do. Soda is appealing for many reasons: It’s availability (its literally everywhere), it’s amazing taste, it’s caffeine, and it’s sugar are some of the many reasons. Not to mention that soda companies have some of the best marketing techniques money can buy.

Soda is addicting, and kicking the habit can be hard.

There are alternatives for soda however – tasty ones – and if you can get by for 3-5 days without soda then you are usually on the road to making it the next week or two, and if you can get by that then you are usually on the road to giving it up for a long time. Baby steps people. Baby Steps.

The first thing you need to do is start drinking water every time you go out to eat.

 This is one of the first steps to kicking the soda habit for a lot of people. Restaurants call for tasty drinks, and the substitutes they have for soda usually aren’t even that much healthier, so by rule of thumb if you can just stick to water when you go out to eat then you are doing good by your “health self.”

Green and Mint Tea

Green and mint tea are two of the healthiest drinks out on the market. They are loaded with cancer preventing antioxidants that capture free radicals in your body that do harm. They are not only a great replacement for soda, they are a great replacement for coffee as well as they have caffeine in them and can give you your daily fix without all the added sugar and calories (caffeine is good for you as long as your not over doing it). Mint tea is also a natural remedy for relaxing your muscles. It puts your body at ease as it is an antispasmodic. The one bad thing about green and mint tea is that it is somewhat of an acquired taste and you have to get used to it. But once you go tea – you’re always relieved!

Hot Chocolate

Of course too much of anything is not good for you, and there is no exception, especially with hot chocolate. A little dose of hot chocolate every now and again is very healthy for you however, and the perfect substitution to soda. As cocoa is known to help prevent against heart disease and the chocolate helps regulate levels of your serotonin. Serotonin is a mood regulating hormone that promotes good and happy moods (low levels are associated with depression), and you can bet that after a cup of hot chocolate you will be feeling at your best.

Fruit Drinks

There are a lot of tasty fruit concoctions out there. Not all of them are so healthy however, and if you think you are doing yourself justice by switching form soda to Sunny Delight then think again. Fake juice is some of the worst things you can drink, and the kids of America are developing bad sugar habits by drinking them. That being said there are some really good ones out there as well. Drinks like MonaVie acai juice are some of the healthiest things you can drink. Acai juice is well known for its leukemia preventing and healing powers. It is a fruit that is native to South and Central America and it is very tasty. There are all sorts of healthy fruit drinks out there just like this one. Juicing your own fruit and vegetables is another thing you can do. It is the ultimate form of health.

When it all boils down, switching up what you drink on a daily basis is probably what is best for you as you should drink everything in moderation. Good variations of drinks will ensure that you stay healthy. That and a whole lot of water – so drink up – without the soda!

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  1. Of course I agree with replacing soda to a healthy drink like fruit juice. However, too much of anything is not good for your health. Much better to drink healthy juice because its very good for the health.
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