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Holding HandsReconnecting with your spouse is something I think we all need to do every now and then. I just planned a trip to Chicago for a mini vacation without our son. Hubby think we are just going for a getaway from our insane stressed out life but I would like it to be more of a reconnecting time. I think like most parents, we get comfortable just doing the everyday things and forget about each other. Please don’t say I am the only one?!?

So I am trying to find out what exactly we can do to reconnect with each other while we are there. We will do lots of tourist things but I want like when we first met. Most people don’t know this about me but hubby and I met online. Yes you read that right! He is from England, accent and all, and he was planning a trip over where I lived to meet some friends. Now to make the story even cornier, we actually met in St. Louis, only because I was there on business. To make the story short, he went back to England, I went to visit, he purposed, we were married a year later. So we didn’t have your typical dating relationship. Most was from a distance, even the wedding planning.

Now that you know all those details, back to reconnecting. In the beginning it’s always good right? But now what? Here are some things I am thinking about trying:

  • More PDA- Think couples lose that over time with kids and being in a hurry
  • Be more open with my feeling when things bother me- I tend to be closed off
  • Going to suggest maybe we take a class together, dancing or cooking maybe
  • Suggest to do come volunteer work

I would love to know a detailed fool proof plan for a happy marriage. Our 11 years of marriage has NOT been smooth sailing by any means so I am looking to improve it.  I would love to hear from you if you have other suggestions or stories on what you do to make your marriage happy.

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