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Blogging Interns Wanted

 Bond With Karla are looking for 1-2 interns. A minimum of five to six hours of time per week is required. Interns do not have to have experience working online but do need to be fluent in English and have decent writing skills. Don't worry we'll help you fine tune those skills for an online audience!
This internship will last for 90 days. During these 90 days you may use your own affiliate link that is related to the topic within any post you publish.  This will help grow your audience.

In those 90 days you will learn the following:

    • Proper use of affiliate links
    • Writing product reviews
    • How to approach companies
    • Proper use of Social Media
    • How to use WordPress
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • And much, much more….

At the end of your 90 day internship you will be able to start your own website and blog using the tools you learned and developed while interning for Bond with Karla. If you absolutely love working with me, and I hope you do,  then you'll be able to continue with the ability to participate in profit sharing on both of the sites – or just one if you find you like the content of one more than the other!

If you are interested please send a email of interest to Please include any Social Media networks you are active on with links to your profile, any writing you may have done for online publication, and why you would like to learn how to blog and make money online.
Applications are being accepted through 5/31/12.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Interns Wanted

  1. are we allowed to apply if we just want a regular blog and to improve writing etc or is this more for money making etc ?

  2. Lorrie,

    Anyone can apply. I will show you whatever you want to know to start whatever kind of blog you want to have.

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