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So with today being the National Day of Prayer I thought I would talk about Christian organization you can get involved in. You need to first figure out what you would like to do . I count my blessings everyday. I pray every night that my family is blessed with a roof over their heads, food on the table, and that we have jobs to supply the needs. When I help people, either in an online community or locally, I feel so much self worth.  My time is not wasted by helping out. These people need help, they need my help, they need YOUR  help. Pay it forward, you fill feel so much better.

Let’s start with online Christian programs. They can range from those who may be suffering from abusive relationships, debt, or difficult marriages. There are message board that you can get involved in just lend a should to. Here are a few.

  • Gospel- They an online ministry with tons of great information. I often go there if I need some words of encouragement.
  • Christian Forums This place is awesome. They have a forum for just about everything.  You can find tons of support here plus it’s a great place to lend an ear and share your stories.

Think local. Many Christian programs offer in-person support to adults and youths. Here are some in my area. 

  • Local food bank They are always in need of help. I volunteered there a few years about and the people that come in are so thankful for all the donation give. Please consider donating. If you are like me, you have stuff in your pantry that you really don’t need. Give it to someone who does.
  • Habitat for Humanity This group is awesome. They give people a place to live. I haven’t done this but this is on my bucket list to do. You don’t have to be Bob the builder to help out. They will find a task for you.
  • Childern and Families of Iowa While this is an Iowa program I am sure if you look you will find similar organizations in your state. They help a wide variety of services to help families.

Do research. Find a group that gets you excited.  I am totally excited about Habitat for Humanity. I am adding that to my “do to” list this week to check out. Find out exactly what the organization does. When I was looking to donate  I called a few places and had them explain what they did and where the donation money goes. Personally for me, I wanted to make sure my money stayed here in Iowa. I am sure there are tons of different organizations out there but I just wanted to share a few I was thinking about getting involved in.

 If you have a story of how you have helped or have been helped, please share. I would LOVE to hear them.

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