Have you wanted to quit for ages but haven’t got around to pulling the trigger? Studies show you aren’t alone because up to 50% of adults are unhappy in the workplace yet continue to go into the office every day. If you are one of these people, it’s time to take the plunge for the sake of your happiness!

But, just being content in the morning isn’t enough to make you walk the plank. After all, switching careers is a scary and daunting time in a person’s life. So, what are reasons which should push you into finally doing the thinkable?

These are the signs now is the best time to change careers as soon as possible. When they rear their head, there is no turning back.


Mornings Are Full Of Fear

Let’s face it – most people aren’t morning people. The idea of waking up and going into work is enough to fill anyone with dread. However, the feeling of fear can mean more than wanting to stay under the covers. Usually, it indicates an underlying hatred for your employer and everything it owns. A bit strong yes, but it’s not untrue. If you are truthful, you will know the reason for wanting to let the alarm clock beep is unhappiness. Still, don’t jump ship straight away without a backup plan. The trick is to leave on your terms with a new employer in tow. Then, if bridges start to catch fire, the damage should be minimal. Start looking ASAP and take interviews, but don’t tell anyone at work. You don’t know who you can trust.


You’re Depressed

It seems like an exaggeration but a miserable work life can lead to feelings of depression. Indeed, a corrosive environment can leave employees asking “what is bipolar depression and do I have it?” The thing with depression is the stigma behind the disease. Simply put, no one likes to admit they have a mental illness because it makes them appear crazy. Plus, there is the naivety in which an individual believes the feeling of stress has nothing to do with the office. The signs are there to see, but you are too close to understand they are a problem. High cortisol levels (stress) is an indicator, yet so is weight loss or a lack of sleep. Also, feeling fatigued is another sure-fire sign your mental health is lacking. No matter how hard you try, fatigue won’t go unless you delegate responsibility.


The Atmosphere Is Toxic

One reason people are depressed and hate waking up in the morning is the mood in the office. In simple terms, some employers don’t care who does or says what as long as it gets results. Yes, the company may look a picture, yet the people in the workplace often have to deal with abuse. Take bullying as an example. Fast-paced and high-pressure environments usually leave colleagues in competition with one another. In this case, co-workers can say nasty things to get an advantage. Of course, physical abuse is not rare either. When you can cut the tension with a knife, it’s no longer beneficial to be there on a daily basis.


New Job Offer

Thankfully, not every reason to leave is that of a challenging working environment. Sometimes, an offer will be too good to turn down and you will have to accept. At least, that is how it looks from the outside. On the inside, employees often battle with the concept of loyalty. “Should I go and leave them in a pickle? They have been good to me.” These are things potential job switchers contemplate on a regular basis, and it’s wrong. Regarding your career, the only person who matters barring your family is you. Just remember an employer will leave you in the lurch as quickly as they can type a dismissal letter. Not to sound cynical, but there is no such thing as loyalty in the corporate world. If an offer has everything you want, don’t let an old boss hold you back.



Sickness In The Family

Unforeseen circumstances mean people who rely on you need your help. The last thing you can do is leave them without assistance in their time of need. It may be a parent or a child, but, regardless, they need you to take care of them. Hopefully, work will be flexible and understanding and come to an arrangement. For example, the boss may allow you to work part-time until the family member recovers. However, some aren’t compassionate and will give you an ultimatum. In this case, if the illness requires it, there is only one option. Before you leave, though, try and do it on civil terms because you may need their help in the future. Also, ensure you have an insurance policy which will supplement your income. It may only be for a while, but every little helps.


Scheduling Issues

Let’s face it – the kids come first. As long as they are in school or have a guardian, you are happy. Unfortunately, the agreement you have no may not last forever. After all, kids grow up and circumstances evolve. If this happens, a standard nine to five won’t suffice as you may have to go to work late and be at home early. Again, it depends on the employer in question because some are fine with flexitime. But, if yours isn’t flexible enough, it will mean making a change. It may include staying in the industry but changing shift patterns for the sake of the kids. Or, you may have to look for a company who offers a balance between work and life explicitly. As every parent knows, a job is not going to come in between their leading role in life.



Finally, listen to your gut. Okay, it isn’t a scientific analysis based on conclusive data, but your stomach doesn’t lie. When it says the time has come for a change, you shouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. At the least, your gut deserves enough respect to take the feeling seriously.  


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