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Exercises to Say Fit This Winter

Winter ExercisesIt's cold outside and I always used that excuse for not getting out to the gym. I mean who really wants to bundle up in a parka in workout clothes, scrap the car off, heat the car up, to go to the gym for an hour? Yeah that is why this was always a good excuse not to go. That doesn't really solve my weight loss problem by making excuses so here are some tips that can help you stay fit from the comforts of your nice warm home. (Feel free to workout in jammies too)


What better way to get a variety of workout right on your screen. There are tons of workout videos out there that you can get. I have to say Kathy Smith Cardio Knockout has to be my absolute favorite.  This gets your heart really pumping and it's 2 workouts in one. Leslie Sansone would be another great indoor workout. She is also great for those with leg or knee problems like myself.


This workout can be done anywhere. Get yourself an inexpensive yoga book and go to town. While I am not limber enough to do most of these poses ( I find myself asking how they go their foot up there) over time and as I lost weight I am sure they would come naturally to me. Several people I know stated yoga with a big question mark and fell right in love with it.


While in my mind I find this similar to yoga it works out a completely different area. You can find a ton of videos on youtube to workout with.  Here is one I found interesting.



Investing in some weights for home is an excellent idea. While you don't have to buy a huge and expensive set, check craigslist or ebay in your area for some used equipment. There are plenty of workout out exercises you can find online to do for the upper and lower body. While I am no expert, I tried to do 3 sets of 15 with a min rest between sets for each exercise I did. If you can get through the 3rd set of 15 then you aren't lifting enough. Up the weight to the point you can't finish and then keep working that weight until you can finish. It's really a good accomplishment when you do finish.

Cardio and Strength Training

There are simple ways to get your heart pumping without any equipment at all. Here are a few I like to do. If you have kids make it a game and get the kids involved.

  • Jumping Jacks– Flash back to elementary school gym time. These were always fun to do and a great way to get your kids to do exercise as well
  • Crunches– If you are a TV buff like me then at commercial time drop to the ground and do crunches. Commercials normally last 3 minutes so make it a challenge to see how many you can do in that time
  • Steps– Use the steps in your home to run up and down. Make it a game with the kids too. I know my son is always racing me downstairs and of course he always wins.
  • Planks- Oh I hate these. See how long you can hold your form in a plank position. For me it's not long at all but it's something to work towards

Do you have a winter workout that you love to do? If so, please let us know.





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  1. Hello Karla,
    I have bought some weights and exercise from home. It's a time saver. As you pointed out, muscle growth is a result of doing so many reps up to the point you cannot do any more (failure point).

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