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reduce stressAre you a mom who needs a break? After taking care of everyone else, it’s time to spend time on you. Take a minute to think about what you would do with more free time. Jumpstart your imagination with these five suggestions:

Rediscover your body

When kids are young, who has time to exercise? You’re so busy taking care of your family that signing up for an exercise class is unrealistic. Now that your kids are teens, you have time to get back in touch with your body. Don’t settle for flabby arms or weak muscles. Strengthen your body and build your confidence by joining a gym or rec center, hiring a personal trainer or enrolling for a dance class. Zumba, salsa, Nia, tennis, swimming and walking all make great exercises. You will feel physically healthy, get back in touch with your body and be better equipped to notice health issues that may develop as you age.

Rejuvenate your skin

As you age, your skin changes. While you may never look 20 again, you can limit age spots, wrinkles and dry skin. Start with a skin tightening procedure like a non-invasive facelift, which is a safe and effective alternative to the traditional technique. Gently reduce the marks of aging and sport a younger appearance. Inside, you feel young and youthful. Now it's time for your attitude and outer appearance to match.

Refresh your body

For years, you’ve wanted to visit the spa everyone at the PTA talks about. Now, you have time to pamper yourself. Whether you do an at-home spa day with a manicure, pedicure and face scrub or visit a massage therapist, take the time to get refreshed. Relax, enjoy the time away from responsibilities and make pampering part of your regular routine.

Reconnect with your social circle

What hobbies have you placed on the back burner, waiting for the perfect time to pursue them? There’s no better time than now to reconnect with the activities and friends you love. If you’re single, use your newfound free time to date. Explore art galleries, live music shows or bookstores alone or with your partner. Consider joining a gardening group, starting a writing club or volunteering with a charity. You could also start a business, teach woodworking or bake cakes. You never know where or when you’ll meet your soulmate or your next best friend. Whatever activities you decide to do, make sure you see friends face-to-face rather than hanging out online. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be great fun, but cannot meet your need for true fellowship. Be sure you're connecting with and are supported by other people.

Refresh your spiritual life

While paying attention to your physical health, remember your emotional health. Bottled inside, your emotions and feelings can start to fester and produce anger, sadness, anxiety or lethargy. Make time to deal with your inner self and your emotional health. Consider venturing on a meditation or yoga retreat or journaling class. These activities give you a calmer outlook, change your perspective and help you cope in a healthy way with the challenges life throws your way. Invest in your spiritual life, especially if you feel tired, run down or overwhelmed.

As a mom, you value your time. Now that your children are older, you have time to spend on yourself. From staying physically strong to caring for your emotional health, the investment is worth the effort. Start today to give yourself a boost. You’ll feel physically and mentally relaxed and be a better mom after making time to care for yourself.


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