Potluck Ideas for Work- Mexican Style

We love potlucks where I work. Who doesn't love a good party while you have to work. We try to find something different to do. It's hard to think of something when you do one every month. Sometimes it's hard to come up with original and easy things to bring. I am all about easy as many of you know, I am not a cook.  Farm Rich helps come up with some great potluck these based around their 16 products.


Fiesta Time

Why not go with a Mexican theme? We did this theme a few months ago and have everything from tacos to cheese and queso dip. Don't do what I did and forget the taco meat.  Luckily there was a grocery store near by I called up and had them make me a batch of meat. One thing I wish I would have thought of was to bring some Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites. What a perfect fit. 

Spice It Up The Party

Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bits can be popped in any oven at 450 for about 8 mins. So they are quick and easy too.  180 calories and 0 trans fats.Thankfully where I work I have access to an oven so I can make these hot and fresh. Each bite is breaded and filled with a creamy white queso. These would be great at any dinner party you might be having. Mother's day is coming up, throw yourself a fiesta! These would also be great for a kids birthday party.

The Contest

Farm Rich is throwing their own party. It's the Pesos 4 Quesos contest . Between now and May 19th enter to win $3500 Fiesta Grande party. Play their game and you could also win coupons and gift cards. Don't miss out and check them out on their Farm Rich Facebook page.


Farm Rich offers a wide variety of products. They can be found in your local grocers frozen food sections.  If you have kids these would be fantastic. Pizza bites and french toast stick will be a hit in my house. I am personally going to be looking for the pretzel bits and the turkey meatballs. No matter what theme your potluck might be, I bet a Farm Rich product would fit well. 


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