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Spring Cleaning is Not Boring- It Can Help in Weight Loss Too

With winter melting away all of us are ready to dump our woolens and take out light clothes. Last four months have been busy trying to keep ourselves warm and cozy. Now it is that time when all the thick sweaters, cardigans, coats and jackets go into the closet and cotton clothes come out of the closet. Many stores like Wal-Mart and J.C. Penny offer spring sale also. With coupons and discounts doing the rounds on the internet you can always end up with great bargains and deals this spring. Besides you need to clean your house, backyard, and courtyard also.  Whatever stuff you don’t wish to keep can be sold off through garage sale or online. With snow having covered your driveway and backyard the deck needs a severe polish and garden needs fresh tilling and planting of grass and plants. Spring always brings with it a ray of hope, happiness and cheer as birds chirp on the trees and flowers start to bloom. I always enjoy spring cleaning as it also helps me in weight loss.

House work helps to lose 20 calories per day

Though your daily chores help you to lose calories you don’t really shed much weight only with household chores; where as spring cleaning is hard work for a whole week which helps you to shed considerable weight. While cleaning the backyard can help you to shape your arms and abs, gardening helps to work out your buttocks and leg muscles.

Bending, lifting, pushing and carrying heavy stuff around can help you to burn the extra calories you so wish to get rid of. Besides, moving furniture, climbing a ladder to clean the roofs and ceiling and cleaning your basement can help you to work out all your muscles and burn the calories you so wish to do away with.  Climbing a step ladder is like doing step exercises. So try and climb as much as you can. Only be careful so that you don’t have a fall. All these chores help to tone your abs and muscles.

Outdoor activity is fab for fitness

Gardening and lawn care has to be attended to seriously in spring as the ground has been covered with snow for the last four months. This is good form of exercise for both the body and mind. Tilling the soil, weeding out the grass and watering the plants acts as stress buster and helps the mind to weed out negativity. Watering the plants is that you’re ready for new beginnings and small green leaves growing on the stems gives you hope for the future. When mind is relaxed and happy you work with renewed vigor due to which you shed more pounds.

Wipe the mirrors and wipe out the fat

This is one of the best therapies I’ve experienced in my life. A bowl of soap water and a piece of wiping cloth can do wonders to your hand muscles as well as to your mind. Cleaning mirrors, glass doors and windows can aid in weight loss as you clench your stomach muscles while using force to keep the glass clean. A thirty minute spring cleaning is equal to half an hour work out session. So besides spring cleaning go for a walk for another half an hour or play with your kids in the swimming pool by racing with them. This way you’ll feel refreshed after a hard days cleaning as well as exercised for almost an hour. So don’t sulk about your spring cleaning. Be happy that you’re going to sport a trim figure after your spring cleaning session. Isn’t this wonderful?

Author Bio- Sandra Wade is an online marketer who likes to share Native Remedies Coupons and TimeToSpaCoupon with fellow bloggers. On her website she writes about health, Wellness, native remedies and spa facials to look and feel good. She also likes to collect coupons and discounts for weight loss and other beauty products.

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