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Have you ever heard of PostEgram? Are you a facebook user? If you are this is such a cool service.

I have had the privillage to review this product and boy is it ever neat. To give you an idea of how long it might take. PostEgramI signed up 6/4/10 and my first newsletter went out 6/11/10 and I just got it on 6/15/10. You do have to allow time for them to gather the information and time for you to make any edits.  According to my schedule the newsletter will go out every month(see below for schedule). The quality is really good. My newsletter contained many pictures all very good quality.  If you don’t have enough content to fill the newsletter you will be asked at sign up what type of filler information you want in there.  They really do make this very simple and easy to do.
PostEgram prints and mails your status and photos, helping you stay in touch with family members who do not have a computer or Internet access–like older parents, grandparents or loved ones in the military. I was able to send my Mom one, who doesn’t even know how to turn a computer on, and she was thrilled. In her issue, she got to see pictures of her Nieces daughter’s graduation that she was unable to attend. I really think it made her day.  It made her feel more connected to the family. Great family bonding tool.
This would be perfect for the busy Mom or Dad that still want to know what is going on in their families life. All you would have to do it sign up for facebook, add your family members, get this wonderful service and get their updates in the mail to you. No need to even go online.
You have the option to edit what content goes into each newsletter. Simply log into PostEgram and go to content manager. You can remove yourself from the newsletter or you can change what goes in it. Very wise to double check what friends you have selected before it goes out in case you have marked someone by mistake. However, PostEgram does notify each person you have selected that they will be in the newsletter so they can remove themselves if they don’t want to participate.

Below is the fee schedule of their services.

$4.99- Monthly Delivery

$7.99- Bi-Weekly Delivery

$14.99- Weekly Delivery 

PostEgrams does mail international but you would need to contact them for sure to check remote areas.

This would make a wonderful gift for Father’s day, Mother’s day, Grandmother’s day or Birthday. I have family in England that this would be perfect for. They never get on Facebook so sending the in-laws pictures of my son this way would be great.

PostEgrams would like to off the readers of Bond with Karla 1 FREE issue of PostEgram to try. Simply go to PostEgram on Facebook, click the PostEgram tab, and when you sign up use the CODE: POSTIE at check out.  Thank you Judy! Give it a try you won’t be disappointed. This is a great way to bond with family that are not on social networks and live at a distance.

*disclaimer– Bond with Karla was paid by PostEgram for this review and given a free trial. All opinions in this review are made with honesty and integrity

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