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How To Positively Impact Your Life, Starting Now!


There are hundreds of things that we can do to make sure we stay fit and healthy. The ideas aren’t the hard part; it’s applying them to your life that are difficult. There are two types of people – people that are lazy and set in their ways, so as soon as they are told they’re going to have to work for something (and it can’t just be given to them) – that’s where people lose interest, so don’t be that person. Instead, be the one that craves the challenge; that wants to have to work hard otherwise it doesn’t feel like they have accomplished anything!

So here’s how to positively impact your life… Starting now!



Get the sleep you need

Sleep is a must if you want to be healthy and just generally feel good and ready for the day ahead. The ideal amount of hours you should get are eight, so if your number is a lot lower than that, you should figure out a way of increasing it. Go to bed earlier instead of watching your favorite tv show, you can always record it and watch it the next day. Or don’t leave it too late in the night to eat your dinner.

If you find it hard to fall asleep, try taking a hot bath or shower beforehand to relax your muscles up. You can find more ways to sleep better on


A five-day meal is ideal

Most people are used to eating just three meals a day, and snacking a whole lot in between, but if you have five smaller meals instead of three big ones, you will keep your body going at a steady pace throughout the day. Plus, you won’t feel the need to snack because you won’t be hungry.


Stay positive and be grateful

A healthy mind can really help towards building a stronger immune system because when you’re happy, the stress disappears, and we all know that stress is a silent killer. So instead try having a positive outlook on things, even when something bad happens.


Exercise regularly

It is so important to exercise at least 20 minutes every day (yes that’s enough!) The more you get your heart beating and your blood pumping, the fitter you will be. Your body will build up strength, you will burn all those unwanted calories, and you will feel stronger than you have ever felt before.

You will also be releasing endorphins into your body that will make you feel oh so good. So if going to the gym isn’t for you, stick on your favorite Bruno Mars tune, crank up the volume and dance like nobody’s watching! Find that inner child again and go crazy!


Eat the rainbow

This means fruits and vegetables, but not just the usually things that get hidden in the meal. Get as colorful as you can with it, the more creative you are, the better. This is because there are so many good vitamins that our body needs to be strong and prevent illness, and you can find absolutely everything you need in the food you eat, but variety is key. Not only to ensure you get what’s necessary, but it makes eating much more exciting.


Satisfy yourself

Eating healthy and working out shouldn’t feel like a chore, they should be fun! Don’t do something that you don’t enjoy; otherwise you’ll end up quitting because it’s not giving you the satisfaction you need.

So when it comes to exercising, mix it up, go swimming one day and boxing the next, keep your mind active. The same goes for your diet, don’t eat the same every day – ’cause that’s just boring.


Healthy snacks

If you much prefer a packet of chips or a chocolate bar, instead of an apple, there are clever tricks that you can do by making the healthy option seem a lot more exciting that it actually may be.

Cut some veggies up into finger food, grab the dips (fat-free of course) and snack away. You can find more ideas on


Eat the food instead of the supplement

Supplements shouldn’t be used as a substitute for food. Sure, they can give you a helping hand to the vitamins that we need in our system, but it doesn’t mean you should stop eating. Instead of taking an omega capsule, buy some fresh mackerel, and so on…


Cut the bad things out of your life

Any bad habits you may have – take them out of your life. Why risk hurting your health for a quick relief? So if you’re a smoker – quit. Yes, it’s a lot harder than that, but there are many things available out there to make it easier for you like e-cigs and vapes. You will be spoilt for choice, so sites like will give you a better insight to what best suits you.


Give yourself a time out

It’s okay to take a step back now and again, life can be hard sometimes, and accepting that is the first step to a new start. You can’t be the strong one all the time, and if your try to be you can seriously wear yourself out, and then you won’t have any energy to look after yourself or anyone else around you.

So take a breather, go somewhere that makes you feel good, and appreciate the little things in life.


Keep the right company

It’s no good surrounding yourself by people who have a bad outlook on life – this isn’t going to help you grow as a person, it will only bring you down. If you struggle to find friends, get out of the house and join a club – anything to get you socializing. Who knows, you might end up meeting your future bestie.


Get out of the house

Don’t confine yourself to the four walls you call home. It may be your safe place, but it’s not healthy! It can become very depressing to always stare at the same thing, so make an effort to go out and explore. Find more interesting things to look at than the lamppost outside your window.



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