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Music is Power

Sidewalk Prophets has one of my favorite songs right now. Really listen to the words.


Learn anything from the words? I know I have.

Karla Urwitz
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4 thoughts on “Music is Power

  1. My favorite part of the song is, ‘so don’t live life in fear, forgive and forget.’ Thanks for the Tuesday inspiration.

  2. Hi Karla,

    Great to meet you! I like the title of your blog, there will be a day… when life is balanced 🙂

    I’ve been working on balancing my life for a LONG time and I’m getting there slowly. It takes time and work on each area of life.

    I like to use the Wheel of life and break my life up into 6 areas including health and fitness, family and friends, financial, business, personal development and then spirituality.

    Sometimes my life is out of balance but it’s deliberate as I work on my business more.

    Great to meet you and good to have you part of the TSA 🙂

    Gavin Mountford
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